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October 28, 2009

Block loaf ... or loaf block? (Blogtoberfest day 28)

Some days I just have to be realistic and grab my craft fix where I can get it. So let me introduce Quilting with food.

Not too much cutting. Simple piecing. Multigrain on white. And of course, white on multigrain as the backing.

Idea completely lifted from here.


  1. oh, too too cute. Know what i'm doing tomorrow!

  2. The things we do to entertain (ourselves!!)

  3. My kids would love this. Especially seeing as it would force me to buy something other than multigrain or wholemeal.... again! ;o)

  4. Does this mean you have started your 'picnic rug' quilt - remember those luscious fabrics some 7ish months ago????

  5. He he he... I saw them do that on playschool recently too!

  6. This looks fast and fun and made me smile.

    The original idea makes me wonder, though...honey drizzled on something that will be wrapped in celophane, given as a gift, and eaten with the hands? Yikes! That would be a "gift that goes on giving," I think.

  7. Cool. Can't wait till the next chapter..."bias binding the easy way with fettucini" perhaps?

  8. Oooh...very nice.

    I also wanted to let you know I made up your "stand back and throw" creamed cauliflower the other night. It was a HIT with the hubs. The kids? Not so much.

    UNTIL I heated it up the second night, with a bit of sour cream, and stirred in cooked spinach and pasta. Voila! Healthy(ish) alfredo! The kids didn't even know they were eating cauliflower. hehehe

    (I also wanted to apologize. I won your cookbook giveaway AGES ago, and I never came back to say thank you...because it never arrived! I gave it a while, just in case the book was traveling by barge....or sea turtle...but, alas - it seems to have been eaten by sea monsters. Ce la vies!)


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