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August 01, 2009

Objects in mirror are larger than they appear ...

... or your sons might be a little taller than you thought.

Mr HB: Those trousers you are making ... are they for Argy or Bargy?

Me: No they are a gift for newborn Baby A.

But honestly Mr HB, don't let the small matter of 50cm get in the way.

Baby trousers in avocado pinwale corduroy, with turn up cuffs and elasticised waist in polka dot.


  1. *grin* I have one exactly like that over here :) On the other hand: Nice that they are interested in our sewing, eh? I know there are a lot of men who don't care even a bit about that!

    Cute trousers by the way. Love the polkadot.

  2. Aww, those are the cutest little trousies!

  3. Cute trousers. Love that MrHB had no idea they would basically be shorts on your kids, they observe the world so differently from us!

  4. Spiffy cords, can't wait to see them at the market!

  5. So does that work for you as well - that would be nice if Glen saw a size 8. The pants do look so cool though, green is always a cracker I reckon

  6. In defence of Mr HB, perhaps he thought they were shorts?
    Or part of an Austrian costume?


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