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May 07, 2009

My creative space

I am joining in with Thursday's My Creative Space at Kootoyoo.

From left:
  • Yarn - wool, acrylic and alpaca blend

  • Assistance - casting-on is a cinch with the right instruction

  • Knitting - a little scarf in garter stitch for Bargy

Ignoring a plethora of half finished projects, I have caved in to curiosity. Can I knit? My previous (childhood) foray into knitting could best be described as being a rectangle ... as in, a wreck and a tangle. This time around things seem to be going slightly better.

Tell me though, is it usual to need to prise your needle under each stitch? Or to be unsure if you have 26 or 78 stitches at the end of a row?

Thank you very much Kirsty for hosting My Creative Space. Its great fun seeing what everyone is doing. To see who else is showing their creative space (or to join in), head over here.


  1. Don't worry! It's not unusual to have to pry your needles under the stitches. This happened with my first knitting. You're just pulling everything too tight, it'll even out to your natural tension over time :)

  2. I'm always doing that! yes like amity said its because things are too tight. Takes time to figure out tension sometimes :)

    I love that wool colour :D

  3. That sounds like my knitting experiences too (though I have never gone passed the scarf stage). I love the yarn too.

  4. Good on you for having a go - I am thinking of starting up the old knitting needles again - want to make a hat for Ellie

  5. Do you know how many times I stop to count and make sure I haven't dropped any stitches! Spend half my time knitting, counting!

  6. I have been knitting a while now and I still have to force my needles under each and every stitch. I know that I knit too tightly. I seem to be too anal to loosen up though. It's a good thing I'm more interested in the finished project than the process.


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