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May 08, 2009

The drawers that time forgot

Warning: Gratuitous underwear references follow. Mum, if you're reading, avoid embarrassment. Look away now.

How old is your wardrobe? Is it filled with new seasons fashions? Firm favourites? Vintage pieces?

Various events (four house-moves in a decade; living overseas; taking leave of absence from work) have significantly trimmed my wardrobe. Despite hoarding tendencies, I've managed to be relatively ruthless in clothing clean-outs. Each move has seen another bag of clothes conveyed to the op shop. When I started my maternity leave, I gave all my corporate suits to my sister. After the recent bushfires I picked out remaining new-with-tags pieces to give to someone who needed them more. A few older, timeless pieces remain, but on the whole the wardrobe is looking lean.

But then there is the complete aberration of the drawers.

If you think I'm speaking of drawers of the storage type, sorry. No. We're talking smalls ... pants .. undies ... knickers ... bloomers. Drawers of old drawers.

How old is too old?

Can you really take out a pair of old undies and say fondly: look at these; had them since I was a girl; so many good memories; could never part with them? Or how about: these were an investment piece ... they will never date ... they're classics? Or I found them at the op shop; 1950s I'm told; such a bargain; oh yes, I'd expect those yellow age stains should come out with a bit of soaking. (Sorry, I think even I shuddered as I typed that last sentence.)

Anyway I have to confess, its only just occurred to me why my all-time favourites are a shadow of their former selves. They are 7 years old. Reality check: vintage clothes, stylish; vintage undies, dusters.

Its time for sweeping changes in my drawers (the storage variety that is).


  1. That is really funny and quite true - oh yes I have undies with memories too - but i fear i can say no more, some things just dont need to be put out in the ether for the whole world to see, a bit like some of my undies!!

  2. I have the same problem! However, my solution is to take the old ones with me when I'm traveling, so I can just throw them away (rather than re-pack). My boyfriend thinks it's a bit uncivilized to leave old, grunge-y panties behind. But, he's also glad that I'm throwing out the granny-underwear.

  3. But it seems so ungracious when they have served you so well... Perhaps you could honor all the happy memories by turning them into a rag rug for the bathroom or something....:)

  4. my wardrobe it pretty bare from moving so much, I think my underwear is the newest out of all my clothes

    drawers are too old if they are full of holes :p

  5. Too funny!
    I put on a pair of my favourite socks lastnight (which are full of holes), and remember that I bought them when I was in Year 9 (1988)!
    I still love them and I just can't bear to throw them out.

  6. I keep my old pants for 'that time of the month' when it is the end for them it really is the end, I put them in the rayburn or tuck them into the bottom of the bin, I don't want to frighten the binman!

  7. But the question is .....do you have decent pair for when you have to go to the doctors?
    When I was a girl I always had a pair of 'doctors undies' that were rarely worn....I have no memory of ever having to show my undies to the doctor.

  8. My mum always taught me you should always have nice underwear on - what if you were hit by a bus and needed to go to hospital? Not that I have listened to my mum!

  9. I always enjoy reading your posts - you're funny!
    Being into 'upcycling' I've wondered what I can do with my own ancient undergarments. But I can't come up with anything tasteful, apart from very attractive dustcloths!
    BTW I have a question: mind if I use the term 'sewbie' in my profile? You're the first place Ive seen it written down, and I don't want to pinch it!

  10. Liesl that is so funny! I remember clearing out the drawers in the drawers and thinking similar thoughts (although I own no thrifted ones...) I say chuck when the elastic is gone.


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