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May 19, 2009

A fitting solution

Of all the domestic duties staring me in the face each morning, its the pile of washing that has the filthiest glare.

The washing and I have a very uneasy relationship. The more we see of each other, the better it behaves ... but the worse my demeanour. Conversely, when I decide we need a little space between us, it turns into an attention-seeking monster. While its possible to firmly close the laundry door and ignore it, the lack of fresh clothes and linen is a little harder to hide.

There only just so many times can you proffer: sponge it off; one more wear won't kill you; turn it round; turn it inside out.

Some people dream of wealth or fame or marrying a chef. For me, its the dream of an unending supply of pressed business shirts, clean preschooler jeans and fresh bedsheets. Ah, the luxury of not needing to face the washing machine every day. That, friends, would make me a very happy woman indeed.

So I'm dreaming big; starting small. Liberation is in my sights.

The rest of the family think this is some special bed linen sewn for Bargy. Don't tell them, but its really the first step in my break for freedom ...

Fitted-bedsheet in "Look and Learn Storybook" by American Jane for Moda


  1. Bedsheet looks terrific! I don't mind doing the washing - it's the IRONING that I hate! Putting the washing on, hanging it out, bringing it in, folding, that's all okay - but that bloody ironing. Speaking of which, I'd better go and do it now...

  2. You press business shirts? Nah, I just quickly hang out the Galumph's as soon as the machine finishes. Let the sunshine iron for you!

    Leisl xo
    PS If they are REALLY wrinkly, then he irons - it's his shirt, yeah?!!!

  3. I really loved this post!


    Wash, dry, fold, wash, dry, fold, wash, dry, fold, wash dry, fold, wash, dry, fold, wash, dry, fold, wash dry fold....

  4. Even though there are only 2 of us, we do a lot of laundry. No idea where it all comes from :/ I never iron :p I just hang things out like jorth said. so much easier lol

    "There only just so many times can you proffer: sponge it off; one more wear won't kill you; turn it round; turn it inside out."
    yeah when it starts looking tie dyed and bending like cardboard ;) time for a wash ;)

  5. The thing I love most about staying in hotel is the crisply ironed sheets! Love the new fitted sheet - such perfect fabric :)

  6. Does that come in queen size...If it does, I think I've found a solution to a similar little problem at my house.

  7. So- do I interpret correctly?- you are planning to sew an unending supply of fresh bedsheets? Use once, throw away? Sewing is definitely more fun than washing!

  8. i hear you!

    in a perfect world i would outsource this one, seriously

    i refuse to do business shirts, they get sent out & the rest is a bun fight!

  9. Not to say laundry isn't a drag for you, but my perspective is a bit different. Up until just a very few years ago, I had to drag all my washing to the laudramat every week - spring,summer,fall,winter - spend at least three hours there (usually trying to study - I was in school and working), surrounded by people smoking cigarettes (so pleasant to bring home "clean" clothes that smelled like an ashtray) and usually with loud music blaring. Just thinking about it, I can smell the wretched place. Decades of the laundramat. Now, every time I do a load of laundry in my own kitchen, I feel so deeply grateful I can't even describe it! :)


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