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May 18, 2009

Food Allergy Awareness week

This week (17 - 23 May 2009) is Food Allergy Awareness Week.

Its a topic close to my heart.

I carry life-saving adrenalin for every family outing: just in case. I am on a constant look-out. Examining labels. Asking questions. Watching at parties; in parks and play-centres; and other people's homes. Trying to think ahead. Because one man's feast might be another small one's undoing. Even just a wee trace.

Most people are exceptionally kind and helpful, understanding the importance of keeping safe. Just occasionally someone rolls their eyes.

A food allergy is an immune system response to a food protein that the body mistakenly believes is harmful. When the individual eats food containing that protein, the immune system releases massive amounts of chemicals, triggering symptoms that can affect a person's breathing, gastrointestinal tract, skin and/or heart.
[Reference: Anaphylaxsis Australia]

Food allergies are on the increase. Around 2% of the Australian population and 1 in 20 children are affected. The main culprits are: peanuts, tree nuts, milk, wheat, sesame, soy, fish, crustacea and eggs. Food Allergy Awareness Week is a chance for the wider community to learn a little more about anaphylaxsis (an extreme reaction), as well as ways we can reduce the risks to people who live with food allergies.

Check out the Allergy Facts website if you like to learn more.


  1. We have a couple of kids at school who are severely allergic.

    It has been good for my own children to be more aware of foods taken to the school which might harm their friends.

  2. Some people see it as 'faddy eating'. You only need to see someone with a bad reaction and you realise how it can be life threatening.

  3. I can't have anything with lactose in it (and technically not an allergy), and while its not going to kill me if I happen to eat something that does have lactose, it does make me very ill :/ people just think I'm being picky when I stand in the grocery store reading labels, but there are so many things that have lactose in them, that you would not think would have it.

    I wish people would be more aware of how some foods can effect people and how badly they can be effected.

  4. I just saw it on Sunrise thosmorning. I didn't realise that food allergies were actually an immune response. Scary!

  5. Thank you for bringing this to our attention Liesl. My grand-nephew has severe allergies, so I can relate.

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  7. Thanks so much for bringing this to everyone's attention. My daughter has multiple food allergies and other peoples ignorance has, at times, nearly been the undoing of me.
    Its great for people who haven't been exposed to this stressful situation to get educated about allergies.

  8. I have two children with food allergies. One is anaphylactic to eggs and peanuts. The other was anaphylactic to eggs but appears to be growing out of it and is now only allergic suffering moderate symptoms if ingested.
    My 6 year old son has just discovered that his new teacher is also anaphylactic but she is yet to discover what it is she is allergic to. In her words "Every day is an adventure!"

  9. Liesl this is a great post - thanks for writing it. I'm off to read your links.

  10. YAYA for awareness !!!!

    My oldest has basic food intolerances & it's not big deal for him unless we wish to deal with a very sore tummy but Master G has BIG issues.

    Not of the allergy kind but he has True Lactose Intolerance in that his entire gut will shut down if he has any dairy or soy products ! He also has malabsorption issues which again aren't an allergic reaction but my goodness it's frustrating getting people to understand that when I say my son can't have something I am not being neurotic !!!!

    I really feel for parents of allergy kids because of what they go through & how truly dangerous certain circumstances can be !

    Let's hope more people start getting 'it' soon !

  11. at the start of the kinder year we got a list of things that could not go in the kid's lunches & rog had a bit of a whinge about it, i don't think he really thought about the consequences of child coming in contact with something they are allergic to. As i said to him 'imagine if it was Ryder who had the allergy...'. I guess we are lucky that our kids don't have allergies, but it can mean that you don't have an understanding of the seriousness of them.

  12. While I don't have a kid with allergies, I do understand the desire for people to STOP GIVING MY KID FOOD! Between our strict religious dietary restrictions, and ds being diabetic, I REALLY do NOT want unknown food being handed to them all the time! And then I feel like a stingy mom, cause I never feel comfortable handing out food or treats to the other kids around, like all the other moms. Argh.


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