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March 03, 2009


Please pick the greatest certainty in life:

  1. Sun rising in the east
  2. Death
  3. Taxes
  4. Tiny fray in 3 year-old's jeans becoming huge rip, faster than you can say stop sticking your finger in that

If you have correctly identified the answer, you'll understand the necessity for completing this old work-in-progress (and I do mean old!) this morning. Argy needed new jeans - pronto - for kindergarten this afternoon.

So he went off in his new "old" jeans. These size 4 trousers were made from an old pair of Mr HB's jeans. There was just enough fabric to cut the four pieces I needed.

The denim is lovely and soft from its previous wear. I re-attached the original patch pockets, with their fancy stitching, just for fun. The jeans have a faux fly front and pre-schooler-friendly elasticised waist. I tried out some flat fell seams and top-stitched the jeans with a twin needle and some Gutterman thread designed for denim.

Given how quickly Argy is growing, I opted for a small hem and a big turn-up on the cuffs. Its not because I was in a rush and couldn't be bothered to chop and hem the jeans properly. No siree. That's my story and I am sticking to it. Yes, I am.

I just hope Argy hasn't discovered the little fraying bits on these new jeans during story time at kindergarten.


  1. I'm usually the one to stick my fingers in the hole to rip it to shreds - just ask Miss J when I catch her wearing holey stockings to school!

    I love the idea of repurposing soft old jeans like this. I'll have to search in the bottom of my wardrobe to see what I can come up with....

  2. What a fantastic idea! Off to raid the wardrobe now for some old jeans :)

  3. I love those! I'm always searching for old jeans to chop up. Great pocket recycling too.

  4. I choose taxes! I've just paid my quarterly GST return and now I need a restorative cup of tea. >groooan<

  5. Great project for comfy old jeans - perfect for hard wearing kindy days.

  6. Love them- they look fabulous!

  7. Great idea & they look terrific as well! I know what you mean about jeans with fly fronts on kids who always leave it until the last minute to dash to the loo (well mine does anyway).

  8. He probably has found the frayed bits ;) I use to rip my jeans all the time when I was younger but I always had to sew them back up myself because my mom doesn't sew :p

  9. Very cute! I still have to monitor my seven-year old son's fray-pulling activities. He has a pair of pants with a gash approaching 12 inches. Self-made, and in record time. Hooray.

  10. Great idea!
    I'm following your seam finishes and it's a great follow-along!Thanks!

  11. They are really coool, what a cool mum you are!

  12. fantastic recycling project.How clever. Something special about soft worn denim.


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