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February 17, 2009

The sixth in sixth

I've been tagged by incomparable blogging gal, Potty Mouth Mama, to play along with a photo meme.

"Open the 6th picture folder on your computer, open the 6th photo and blog it. Write something about it."

Here is mine - taken on holiday in Niagara Falls in 2001. The accommodation was one (slightly exaggerated) star. There was a hole in the wall. The bed linen was too short for the bed. And stained. And holey from the cigarette burns. I can't remember anything about the bathroom. I think this is my way of coping with what I saw in there.

I feel this picture says everything that really needs to be said about the room decor.

At least the falls scenery was stunning.

If I am following the rules of this meme to the letter, I'd need to select another 6 people to tag. So I'm afraid I'm going to cheat a bit and make this self-service. (I am already embarrassingly behind on acknowledging tags and awards from some very lovely people ... I'm trying to make amends, I promise).

So, if you'd like to play along to, leave a comment ... I'll pop by, as I'd love to see your photo.


  1. I would love to go to Niagra Falls. I would love to play along if that is okay. I will post mine this afternoon when I get home from work.

  2. Hi HB - I will play along too. I love that picture, hilarious, have stayed in some rather dodgy less than one star establishments myself....luxury, NOT.

  3. hehehehe, that top photo looks like the set of a movie... sounds like it too.

    Glad you liked Niagara Falls. It looks incredible.

  4. That is such a funny story - I love the photo. How dodgy - hole in the wall, like you wouldn't notice?! Bizarre.

    Niagara Falls looks magic!

  5. That's one dodgy looking hotel! I can promise you I've stayed in worse though- sagging wallpapered ceiling with water stains, shared bathroom where the water is heated by lighting a little gas flame that burns under a tiny curled copper pipe that dribbles out hot water in a tiny room where you can hardly turn around with NO ventilation and an aluminium door... And the view wasn't even special!!! mmmmm

    I'll play along too.

  6. I think it is so funny to see a palm tree at Niagra hotel. I wonder where they thought that was classy.

  7. For a minute there I thought you were showing off your lounge room!!! I wouldn't mind that print actually - it's pretty kitsch.

  8. Lovely scenery, even if the room is not.

    I was also tagged and there is a photo in my blog if you want to have a look :)

  9. I hope you know that's pure class, Canada-style.

    Unless you were across the border, in which case I'd tell you that it's just so American....



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