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January 05, 2009

Our holiday

The flight was spectacular ...

... but the landing, a bit rough.

It was perfect beach weather ...

... mostly.

Although we had some trouble communicating, the locals really were very friendly.

The food was wonderful ... especially the sumptuous seafood.

The days were action packed ...

... especially with new and exciting aquatic sports to try out. A spot of water raking, anyone?

By the end of the holiday we felt a bit tyred and needed to take it easy. All-in-all a great holiday!

Taken on location at:
Mt Eccles National Park
Port Fairy
Lake Pertobe, Warnambool


  1. Oh what gorgeous little blue fairy wrens! I've never seen them in real life before, they're an endangered species. What a treat! Glad to see you're back safe and sound.

  2. Sounds like the perfect holiday. Love the shot of the sumptuous seafood - hilarious. Happy New Year. Your gingerbread cottage looked fab.

  3. What a great post. I wonder when water raking will be recognised and added to the olympics???

  4. Now those locations bring back plenty of lovely (but slightly old) memories!

  5. Looks like the perfect holiday to me! Mmm.. how I can't wait to eat fish and chips again!

  6. perfect holiday - love the look of those fish and chips!

  7. What a cute post! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Port Fairy is one of my favorite parts of the world! Looks like the boys had a great time :-)

  9. I so love your boys, glad to see you got a bit of a rake, I mean break.


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