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November 08, 2008

This is ... my favourite quote

When Ashley from Strawberry Kisses announced the theme for This is ... this week, I was delighted. In my former work life (in corporate training) I was rather fond of using the odd quote or twenty.

Here are two of my favourites:

I always wanted to be someone, but I should have been more specific.
[Lily Tomlin]

Benson you are so mercifully free of the ravages of intelligence *
[from the 1981 movie, Time Bandits]

Though to clarify, I promise that I never used the latter quote - or any variation of it - in a training course.

Thanks to Ashley for such a great theme. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has come up with this week. Head on over to our lovely host Angela's blog Three Buttons to see who else is playing along.


  1. Oh I like that first quite lol.

    Oh and that picture of your boys two post down is AWSOME. Blow up and get on canvas for the wall - hey perfect gift for hubby for Christmas!

  2. Great quotes, I especially liked the first one. Very funny.

    And yes it's a terrific theme this week.

  3. Oh my goodness, I used to LOVE Time Bandits as a kid. What a weird film. We watched it not too long ago, and it's just as odd and disturbing as ever... but fascinating!

  4. What a GEM! Good ol' Lily Tomlin.... I've always loved her.

  5. Fantastic quotes! Especially the first - I'm laughing my head off right now!! Really good!

  6. I bet there were many times as a corporate trainer you'd have liked to use the second quote though!
    Love the Lily quote - she's priceless.

  7. Hehe, I'm coming across all these witty, funny quotes. I can see Lily Tomlin saying that through her big smiley face. It's great!

  8. Love your selection of the Lily Tomlin.

  9. I like that Lilyu Tomlin quote

  10. the first quote is excellent - we can all relate to that!

  11. I love your quotes. Super good.

    Word verification: magnetc

  12. That Lily Tomlin quote is ace!
    I have to join potty mouth and share my silly word verification with you: salunwoo. (but really,I think it should have an exclamation mark on the end: Salun WOO!)
    So, Salun Woo! to you Hoppo Bumpo!

  13. Love that first one! The second is pretty funny too!

  14. Word verification has thrown up some gems today.
    Mine for this quote is viabl.
    May you have a viabl day.


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