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November 07, 2008


I have finally made a start on sewing up the new pyjamas for Argy. As I make up the little pull-on pyjama pants, I thank goodness for simple elasticised waists. Easy to sew and comfy to wear.

Ode to elastic
by Hoppo Bumpo

I love it for its simplicity,
Its very simple splendour;
It holds, it grips, it cinches in,
Its a very effective suspender.

Its a favourite notion in my stash,
Simply put ... fantastic;
Rubber or synthetic-cored
Its the humble polymer, elastic.

To check the quality of your stretchy stuff,
Extend it with some strength;
It should recover to its initial shape
And definitely the original length.

Braided elastic should be encased;
Woven is the "heavy-weight";
Sew knitted right directly on
(Length: 100 percent less eight).

And with this final thought I say
Be sure to purchase more;
Replace tired old stretchy stuff
Lest your undies hit the floor.


  1. Is that the world's first Ode to Elastic?

    You've really thought about this, haven't you....


  2. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    HB you star
    You're a poet too!!!

    Who knew you had such array of talents - they are never ending - you dazzle and amaze me daily :)

  3. ROFL, you are hilarious!

    I have a whole stash of elastics as I would hate to run out at the end of a project. My fav would be the non-roll elastics that I get from my local sewing machine shop. Much better than those from Spotlight.

  4. You are very very clever and very very funny. The other thing with elastic? Buy at least twice as much as you think you need. Because you always need more.

  5. ahh the humble elastic...a fav of mine too. I am partial to FOE, especially with scalloped edges :) The ode was very funny!

  6. I love, love, love your poem. It's the bomb!!

  7. Very clever! You're a crack up!

  8. :)))
    Yes, I'm sure it's the first Ode to elastic in the world!

  9. Yep, you crack me up too!
    Who would have thought to write a poem about humble elastic?

  10. no more weariness at your place then...that's fant(el)astic!

    oh dear!

  11. Methinks you've been spending too much time breathing the craft room fumes, dearie. :p

  12. Too funny, I never thought about elastic that way, but it is so true.

  13. That's a killer last line! A definite LOL.

  14. I second you on that... elastic is totally where it's at!!!

  15. Ahh yes there is much elastic in our house - the easiest skirt in the world to make! Love the poem!

  16. Yeah elastic!
    Hoppo Bumpo you're a star!

  17. tee hee~ i never really think of how brilliant elastic is!
    a wonderful poem~ made me grin from ear to ear {and think of dr. seuss:)}
    x ashley

  18. You're just ever the creative, aren't you ?

    Here's one from school that used to make it's way intot he autograph books:

    Hoppo was striding the classroom floor
    Her figure was fantastic !
    When all of a sudden her knickers fell down
    You can't trust Cole's elastic !

  19. Hurrah!!! I bought some elastic for my Bug's shorts the other day, and it has a drawstring inside. Yes!- that means I can make long trousers this year and adjust the elastic so he can wear them as shorts next year. Yay for elastic and lazy mums!

  20. Brilliant! Truly Brilliant!! And not only that, I also learnt a few tips for choosing and using elastic!


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