Hoppo Bumpo (n): A children's game. Played by folding one's arms and hopping on one leg. Aim is to bump opponents, so that they lose their balance. Last person standing wins.

November 11, 2008


And welcome back ladies and gentlemen to Day 17 of our coverage of the 2008 endurance event, the Parentonyourownathalon.

[Panning to the track]

And yes ... that was the bell being rung ... signalling to the competitors that they are on their last lap. Only a week to go now.

Initial front-runner, Hoppo Bumpo, is still in the lead pack. Remarkable, given that she came into this event with some kind of hip injury. We believe its something to do with lifting weights?

[Crossing to photo of two boys: 13 and 16kgs]

Indeed, ladies and gentlemen, there have been rumours in the last few days that an appeal could be lodged at the end of this race. There are serious allegations that Hoppo Bumpo has had substantial outside help.

[Crossing to photos of Hoppo Bumpo's parents and friends]

And here come the competitors now .... rounding to the straight. Its still anybody's race.

Oh no ... what's this ... Hoppo Bumpo appears to have fallen at a hurdle. If I'm not mistaken ... yes, it looks like 2 boys with gastro.

No ... she's up again; a valiant attempt.

But she's falling behind - there's unsewn pyjamas and mounting blog reading trailing behind her. It looks like she's also being weighed down with the thought of 40 metres of corduroy needing to be made into children's trousers (her Parentonyourownathalon race handicap).

Ladies and gentlemen, its becoming clear that Hoppo Bumpo has come into this event under-prepared. As we all know, this really isn't one for the amateurs.

It seems an outside chance -will she make it to the finish line?


  1. ahh one of my least favourite events the parentonyourownathon...I often do a half parentonyourownathon when husband travels for work or cricket..make sure you drink plenty of energy drinks (aka wine) and spend lots of money on something you like...thats the kind of training that gets me through!

  2. will you beat my 21 day solo parenting triathalon????
    I just finished three whole weeks of non stop kiddies
    phew that was a hard slog!

    good luck I hope you make it, just picture yourself enjoying "me" time next week.....ahhhh thats better

  3. You go girl. You'll make it for sure.

  4. Well done to you, and your friends and parents - and three cheers for single Moms.

  5. Oh gosh! You're doing better than I would be! I haven enough trouble getting myself organised!

  6. Go Hoppo-Bumpo! You can do it! Keep going! Run! Run! (shouts and cheers maniacally from the sidelines) Wooohooo Team H-B!!

  7. YOu can do it - go go go go. YOu have got u many times and kept smiling - dont stop - go go go...

  8. 40 metres of corduroy! That's enough to weigh down anyone.

    Hope you make it to the finish line...and fast!

  9. I'm cheering you on with my pom poms! Go Hoppo Bumpo, go!

    I was thinking of you this afternoon, wondering how it was going. I know it's certainly not easy, I dread Matt going away even for the shortest of times (though nights solo sometimes are good, aren't they?).

    You're almost there. Here, I'll throw a glass of water on you to help you along!

  10. You're amazing. And you deserve a whole week of 'me' time. Think of the possibilities!

  11. Yes, you'll make it!! You're so close!!

  12. You will make it! You are so close. Good luck!

  13. This is hilarious! You will so make it to the finish line I'm cheering for you from the crowd!!

  14. Here's me handing you a big cup of water and a wet sponge as you hop past on one leg trying to knock over the other competitors. Hoppo Hoppo Hoppo, Oi! Oi! Oi!

  15. Hang in there lovely! Doing a great job. You're stringing two (very fine) words together for a start! x


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