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October 03, 2008

And more again from the stash ...

This is the fourth day of Mike's really fun Share Your Fabric Stash.

Today I'm sharing a favourite piece of dress fabric, in a stretch satin. I love the smooth surface and the luxurious sheen. Its definitely something to run your fingers over. I'm such a sucker for anything remotely shiny ... and constantly battle the urge to buy inappropriate things made from lurex or adorned with tons of sequins. By contrast, I think this piece is relatively understated and tasteful.

I've had it for about 8 months, originally buying it with a winter dress in mind. There's about 4 metres there, so I've been thinking of something long-sleeved and cross-over, with a nice fullish skirt. Some day I might just get to it ... that is, if I don't take the easier way out.


  1. The easier way out would certainly be easy, and when you're done wearing it that way you wouldn't have to worry about previous seams.

    It looks gorgeous!

  2. Is that the pattern for the ultimate dress? It seems you may have found it!! I think it would look great in that fabric!

  3. Hehe - Somehow, I just KNEW what would be behind that link. If only those Romans had invented stretch sequin lycra, imagine what togas would have been like?? (And perhaps then they would have invented aerobics and the 1980s, because lycra definitely started the 80s. I'm so glad it's grow up and lost its penchant for neon).
    - babbling, Bev

  4. I too have the bower bird love for shiny things. I bought Poppy's first pair of shoes this month and they are just sequins for feet! She had the biggest smile when she tried them on, maybe it is genetic.

  5. Love that fabric (except I'm way too scared to actually try to sew anything like that). It would make a fab cross over dress.

  6. I love sparkle too.. This fabric would make a great wrap dress. Sew it, sew it, sew it!

  7. I say go for the easier way out. And model it for us to see too LOL! I have something similar from SL too but not quite the same print. Actually I am meant to make something for my sister with it but I haven't quite yet.


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