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October 03, 2008


Jump on in; let's floor it down the Autobahn .... its Blogtoberfest over at Big Cat's Emporium. Head on over to check out the festivities!

Unlike other bloggers participating in Blogtoberfest, I really can't profess to knowing much German at all.

Which was a bit of a problem the time I arrived in Frankfurt. On my own. And my card wouldn't work in any cash point machines. And I'd arrived without so much as a brass razoo in my pocket. And my suitcase was cable-tied shut. And I didn't have scissors. And I felt a tad silly that with a name like Liesl, I couldn't sprechen sie Deutsches.

Anyway, enough about that incident. I'm kicking back this weekend with a rauchbier and a pretzel and enjoying Blogtoberfest.


  1. Ah - we survive to tell the tale of "challenging" times abroad. Always funnier in hindsight...and don't they make us interesting people?

    I don't spreak a word of German either....


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