Hoppo Bumpo (n): A children's game. Played by folding one's arms and hopping on one leg. Aim is to bump opponents, so that they lose their balance. Last person standing wins.

October 28, 2008

Stand-back-and-throw while the MOTH's away ...

The man-of-the-house (MOTH) is away.

Mr Hoppo Bumpo departed on Saturday on an overseas jaunt a business trip for three and a half weeks. Even as we waved him off at International Departures, I was finalising my mental checklist. Now, its not that we want Mr HB away for extended periods, but I have say its a good opportunity to vary the usual Hoppo Bumpo family routine.

Here is what I have in mind for the next several weeks:

  1. Get out all my old dolls
  2. Watch Australian Idol and The Little Princess
  3. Play Abba quite loudly on the stereo
  4. Do silly dancing
  5. Play dress-ups ... with lipstick
  6. Spread my sewing all over the house
  7. Prepare dinner out of tins

Actually, I'm not sure who I am kidding about #6 and #7, as these is already a common occurrence in our house.

So without further ado, grab your can opener and throw open the pantry - this week's stand-back-and-throw is Tuna Mornay.

Tins are your friends

To make the mornay I melted some butter over low heat, then added an equal amount of plain (all purpose) flour. I stirred this and cooked it over low heat, until the mixture was pale and resembled fine breadcrumbs. Little by little I stirred in some hot milk until I had a suitably thick white sauce.

Next I tossed in the posh ingredients: a little black pepper, dried chives, garlic powder and a handful of grated cheese. Then stirred. Finally I cracked open and drained a can of tuna, one of sweet corn and then something a little bit special. I chose tinned mushrooms, but you might like to use something exotic like tinned peas or carrot. So then I hurled everything in and stirred again. If you are feeding this to children - like I was - be sure to break up all the tuna until the mornay has the consistency of slop.

Et voila dinner is served - bon apetit!

Now if I could be excused, I must go and turn up Dancing Queen. Oh ... and does anyone know the best way to remove a shade called Frostiest Mauve from small boys mouths?


  1. Hey, i just bought a tin of mushrooms yesterday so i could make a tinned fish mornay thingy. I hadn't considered using something exotic like tinned carrots or peas- I guess that's why you're the published chef ;)

    My mum adds some sliced raw celery, but that might add too much crunch to the consistency you mention.

  2. ...and unfortunately my little boy and Mr bell are dairy intolerant, so it all takes on that consistency in the end ;)

  3. 3 1/2 weeks that is quite a jaunt, I mean intense business trip. I think it is impressive tht you aren't just resorting to the microwave - goodness knows that's what I'd be doing.

  4. I LOVE tuna mornay! It's my favorite 'dinner from a can.' It sounds weird but tinned crushed pineapple (juice removed!) is a yummy addition too.... but maybe not with mushrooms....

  5. My favourite way of removing lipstick from a small boys' lips (by small boy I only mean Ollie) is to kiss it off!

  6. So while the hubby is away the family will play - love it!
    PS: we regularly eat food made mainly with canned food in our house. If the toddler had his way he would eat sweetcorn from the can EVERY day.

  7. Tuna mornay is a fave over here - made it for Maddie the other night and ended up eating most of it myself!

  8. I think that slop would be yummy with some pasta!

  9. I don't do canned food like that. But..I sure like my Kraft Mac and Cheese. :p

    And I won the battle a long time ago on Idol. Two nights a week of Mom screaming at everyone to shut UP so she can hear got everyone in line. Ha! :D

  10. Unbelievable. I was just this morning thinking that I would like to find a recipe for Tuna Mornay and here you are serving one up. How perfect. I will be giving it a try post haste.

  11. Sorry, for me tinned mushrooms are right up there with tinned asparagus and should never be touched! But I definitely like the concept of tinned meals.


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