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October 30, 2008

Halloween sewing ... or how I went completely batty

The kindergarten note said simply:

Halloween dress-up party. Friday 31 October.
Please wear a costume.

Our first children's fancy dress. Known to the best test and predictor of future parenting.

At first I thought ...
Let's keep it simple. Mr Hoppo Bumpo's away; I'd better not try anything too ambitious. Maybe a sheet with two holes or something from the discount shop around the corner. Its just a three-year-old kindergarten party after all.

Then I thought ...
No wait -I'd better put a bit more effort in. After all, what good is having a mother who can sew if you are sent off in some cheap PVC costume. I'll make something.

Then it began to escalate ...
If I make something half-way decent, then maybe it can be reused.

And then ...
Wouldn't it be fun to have a really fancy costume?

And so it was, that I found myself sitting amongst 7 metres of fabric, poring over a number of patterns that I had purchased. Trying to work out which cape had the more impressive collar. Then wondering whether the cape lining needed to be understitched to prevent rolling out? Or if the collar would look better top stitched with a twin needle? And then wondering whether Argy would have the best costume ...

Oh no, it had dawned on me all too late.

It starts innocently as a wizard cape, but soon snowballs. By the time we reach the 2008 Christmas pageant, I will have sourced the gold, frankincense and myrrh and a flock of sheep. Then in no time I'd have poor Argy enrolled in a multitude of extra-curricular activities and extension classes. Then I'd be taking him to casting calls for big stage musicals. And have his Olympic training regime well underway.

Someone take me by the shoulders and give me a good shake. Please.

Simplicity 3595 Children's cape with collar (view E). Black cotton drill exterior and sequined lining that makes me think of this girl.

Postscript: I think wizard himself was a little nonplussed with the cape. I have to agree that it is a little bit Hogwarts meets Elvis (in the later years). Maybe a sheet with two holes would have been OK after all.


  1. Ahh sounded just like me - then I quickly gave up. You know this cape can be a multitude of things! Many uses - worth the effort!

  2. My mom put me in a pillowcase with two holes and told me I was casper. She did this when I was about five years old.

    Thirty years later, I still loathe that she didn't do something better. Argy's cape looks pretty awesome and thirty years from now when he looks back at photos, he'll be happy that his mom made something!

    You are a good good good mom. Sleep well tonight with that knowledge (or perhaps you could skip sleep, come to Sydney and finish my Alice?)

  3. I think he looks very dashing as a wizard, We can appreciate all the effort and I am sure it will be a fave in the dress up box.

  4. Maybe you could make a matching one using white drill so he really could be Elvis in the Christmas pageant...he he he.
    PS I think you did a fabulous job!

  5. Oh I love it - absolutely. Love a bit of sparkle, a stand up collar, oh it's so spooky how you do these things so well!

  6. I once had to dress 5 5 yo's as cows for a play..I made little hoods with cow ears, told all the moms to dress them in all one color white sweats, and called it good. :p It actually came off quite well! rofl I'm all about the shortcuts when it comes to those things. :D

  7. I read your blog everyday, and like most days, today reads loud and clear you love Argy and Bargy. Sometimes our kids dont always react to this devotion in ways we expect them too ... in adult ways? but I can bet that all the other Kindy mum's will have their Singers or Janomes out for next year!

  8. it looks awesome!! love the glittery fabric...and turned up collar! great job mum!

  9. Hahaha, I had to laugh when I saw the sparkly green fabric! Matches my knickers perfectly! He's welcome to borrow them if he wants to complete the look :P

  10. Nie cape sister! Man you will be the talk of kinder as the Mum who firmly sets the bar for future dress up action. Gold star x

  11. Oh, definitely. You dun good. My favourite bit is the floppy collar, it's very Count Dracula. You should be feeling clever!

  12. It looks great! Too much fun! Enjoy the party, and checking out the other student's costumes, hehe.

  13. Brilliant costume - capes are so useful! I am sure you have raised the benchmark now with the other Mothers :)

  14. awesome.
    swap your some family portraits for a cape just like this.

    Really, this is *way* cool.
    ( my kids get the $2 PVC jobbies :p)


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