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October 29, 2008


Thank you to all the very kind people who left nice words and helpful advice about how to get my Janome 3018 back into working order. I am very grateful indeed. There were even offers of the loan of a sewing machine. The blogging community is definitely a most thoughtful and generous one.

Anyway, you've done it! Between you all, you've got my sewing machine working again!!

I see now that I may have over complicated the problem a wee bit. In hindsight its a little silly that I took the sewing machine apart. One cheap little bit of metal was the culprit. Yup, it was the bobbin. When I looked closely it was just ever-so-slightly misshapen.

On the bright side I now have a very clean machine and loads of fantastic troubleshooting information for future reference.

So thank you again (at the time of writing) to Mama de Saga, Lisa, Diana, Beth, Big Cat, Sparkly Green Knickers, Cindy, Little Munchkins, Ellieboo, Taccolina, JustJess, Angie and Melanie.

I think my little three-year-old wizard will have an outfit for the kindergarten Halloween party after all! More details and a picture to follow ... after an evening of joyful sewing.


  1. Phew it is fixed! What a relief - dont you HAte it when that happens. HOpe sewing wizard outfit goes smoother now : o )

  2. Hooray! Much relief. The very same problem had me puzzled for a day, and I got Mr. Tacc to dismantle the bobbin plate, so you're not alone....

  3. A quick answer to your gardening question: I drilled 5 or 6 holes in the bottom of the trug with my biggest drill bit (6.0mm). Potting mix with a little blood and bone, then planted the lettuce and mulched with sugar cane mulch. Lots of snail bait, too.

    Good luck with your lettuce!

  4. It was a pleasure to be of help... he he he - I dont think I actually did anything! Cant wait to see the outfits - Ellie has dress up tomorrow but I never got around to making anything - next year I will have to try harder.

  5. great news about the machine!

    Also pleased the wizard will be able to strut his stuff & not just have a sheet thrown over his head to join all the other ghosts!

    Do you find you get more sewing done when the bloke is away?

  6. Glad to hear it is fixed and you do not have to hand sew now


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