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September 15, 2008

Its an apricot-o-rama

Did you know that the word for apron was originally naperon, a derivative of a French word? As time passed and language evolved the "n" moved: a naperon became an apron.

In a quirk of etymology, 6 hours ago apron further evolved to become apricot. I'm not sure how Argy made this lexical mistake, but I suspect that aprons will forever more be apricots in our household.

So apricots have been in season here. Let me show you a veritable bumper crop of absolute beauties.

The first is from the latest Sassy Apron Swap, which ran in August to a Fall theme. There were 143 people in the swap, which was organised by the delightful and hardworking Lucy. The swap partner I was assigned is far away in North America. However in one of those "its a small world" twists, I received my apron from the lovely Beth over at Cloth and Fodder, who I discovered lives "just down the road"!

So not only have I had the great pleasure of actually meeting another blogger, but I received this beautiful reversible apron. (In hindsight I am a little embarrassed that throughout the swap, I kept asking on her blog about how the apron was going - oops).

There are pockets on both sides and lovely details .... and Beth's sewing is fabulous (click the picture to see in more detail). I love the fabric - especially those gorgeous Japanese prints. I also received two beautiful pot holders,which I know have been filled with that very nifty Insul-Bright batting! Beth also very generously gave me a cookbook and a beautiful aloe vera plant, which with my propensity for burning myself whilst cooking, will be very handy. What fantastic swap gifts - thank you very much Beth!

The next apron arrived in the mail today. I was super-lucky to win this little boy's apron in a giveaway over at Little Munchkins. Both Argy and Bargy took delight in modelling it straight away (which is when the apricots error occurred).

Look at the really cute cowboy print ...

... and the fantastic pockets for putting utensils in.

I can see that we are going to have many fun hours cooking with this apron. Thank you so much, Little Munchkins!

And finally, I couldn't talk about aprons without mentioning this sweet little number - a half apron that I bought recently at the grand opening of the CurlyPops shop.

I was very excited to also receive a beautiful G.W.P. (gift with purchase) - a matching pot holder (thank you very much, Cam!).

Each of the new, beautifully-made apricots will be treasured. Now if you could excuse me, I'm just off to have a cup of tea and some toast with apron jam.


  1. Wow apricots are just falling from your tree. What a fabulous collection, I am coming round to your place tomorrow for dinner, you will have no excuse now. Beth does seem like a lovely girl. And I am looking forward to my Curly pops creation to arrvie soon. Glad to see the boys embracing the apricots too, hopefully that saves in washing!

  2. What cute aprons you have! You even got to meet a fellow blogger.

  3. Ooh... lovely lovely aprons... Love that cowboy print, too!

    I'll still be saying "Weddy for Wok and Woll" long after my wee one is a big one (perhaps even saying "Ready to rock and roll"...?).

  4. What a lovely bunch of...apricots.

    In my house, we have referred to Chocolate Self-Saucing Pudding as puddinghood for the last 10 years following a bit of verbal evolution on my daughters part! I'm sure every family has their own special words.

  5. Lucky girl!!!
    Beautiful aprons!
    I read your previous post and I am looking forward your stencil along...

  6. I had NO IDEA about the connection between napperon and apron, though now it seems obvious...
    This apron fabric is too adorable.

  7. Your new red 'apricot' is stunning. The red flower fabric is very cute. I'd be too scared to wear it in the kitchen and get it all grubby!

  8. You have a stunning collection of apricots! Love them!

  9. Lovely aprons!!Love that cowboy print - looks perfect for Argy and Bargy! Thanks fot the heads up on the insul bright - I will have to stock up on some.

  10. Wow, there are lots of fabulous "apricots" there!

  11. Ooh, lovely apricots! Hang them on the clothesline to make an apricot tree! That etymology is fascinating - hence the term napery? Another term like haberdashery that you don't hear so much now...

  12. Oh my goodness...so many to choose from now! I love Beths apron and the cowboy print on the little one is oh so cute.

  13. That is so great, I love a good apricot. I even love the colour apricot, do you have any apricot apricots?

    It reminds me of my little man - he calls sausages 'sogies' - so everyone in our house (all three talking members) now call sausages by this unique name.. Nothing beats spectacular vernacular.

  14. What a great Argism - I am so looking forward to Ellie talking and lots of interesting Booisms becoming part of the English language. BTW you did pretty well on the apricot front - they are all so gorgeous.

  15. Glad the 'apricot' arrived safely. I just love what children come up with sometimes...so cute!

  16. So many lovely aprons. Perhaps I need to invest in more aprons to get myself cooking more.

  17. Ummm will try that for dinner - sounds yummo and simple - just the way I like it.

  18. Very cute... I really like the way you,ve done the mosaic. I can't figure out how to do this myself. Where do I go to find out how it is done??


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