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September 19, 2008

By the light of the silvery moon

I'm throwing a party in the wee small hours of Sunday 5 October 2008. You're all invited.

Those of you living in the Southern Hemisphere* and with small children may have an inkling of the auspicious nature of this time and date.

Yes, at 2am exactly, I'll be popping the champagne, as we wind the hands on the clock forward an hour.

I have all my hopes and dreams pinned on this day.

For its when the fabled later start to the day will materialise. This is the day that I will truly appreciate the nature of circadian rhythms, as a disagreeable 5.30am start becomes a luxurious 6.30am. The day when I no longer wake to the loud strains of m-u-m-m-y, m-u-m-m-m-m-y-y-y-y-y being called well before the moon has had the decency to set.

What could possibly go wrong?

* Commiserations to parents in the Northern Hemisphere. You've got a tough gig ahead.


  1. Whilst we graciously accept your commiserations - it won't help!


    Parents in the Northern Hemisphere

  2. I might put mine forward two hours -

  3. Unfortunately mine adjust in less than a week, Caleb just runs on TV time.

  4. oh i can't wait. the lazy, late,warm afternoons are pretty good too

  5. Oh yes... mornings. lovely!

    We have the problem at the OTHER end of the day... toddler roaming the house until 9.30pm - not believing it's BEDTIME!

  6. In my sleep deprived state I'd forgotten about this coming windfall.

    I've just cut back the kids day sleeps, one sleep for the 1 year old & generally no sleeps for the 2.5 year old. The days are LONG & I get no down time but the evening routine is bliss, both passed out by 7pm (after having the 9.30pm yelps of "AWAKE, MAX AWAKE!")

  7. Yay - does that mean i get to sleep in til 9am soon?? (sorry to rub it in, Ollie is a late sleeper...bliss!)

  8. Thanks! I'd totally forgotten about this!

  9. Ahh what a crack up!

    Yes I am looking forward to waking and thinking ahhhh lots of time to water the garden or take a walk before the day begins

  10. Everything about day light savings makes me happy, except when it ends.

  11. Hey wait what? Daylight savings at the start of October?? We haven't had that since they moved it forward for the Olympics! Cool, works for me given its my birthday the next weekend and I'm winery touring!

  12. Ah yes, we can't wait for daylight saving over here. Although I am a bit stressed about it as well, Miss M goes to sleep at 7 every night and it's dark - but soon it will be 7pm and bright as day! Hmmm, blockout-blinds maybe?


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