Hoppo Bumpo (n): A children's game. Played by folding one's arms and hopping on one leg. Aim is to bump opponents, so that they lose their balance. Last person standing wins.

August 19, 2008

A couching potato

On most days of the week, if I said that I was off to make some yo-yos and then do a bit of couching, it would mean that I was baking some biscuits*, then scoffing the lot whilst reclining on the sofa in front of the telly.

Today, however, I am continuing my mission to make pretty stuff, so I'm talking applique and embroidery (not stuffing my face).

This is a first try at using my new flower-shaped yo-yo (Suffolk puff) template. The aim is to make some shiny pink blossom to applique onto a black velveteen pinnie. Its a little tricky: my glasses are broken, I'm all thumbs and the finished puffs are quite small. They are, however, lots of fun to make.

Blossom wouldn't be complete without a few stems and leaf buds, so I've added a little flat green braid, securing it with a machined zig-zag stitch. Technically this probably isn't how couch work is done (... I'm thinking they did it the proper way on the Bayeux tapestry), but it seems to be securing the braid fairly well. (And let's face it, the Bayeux tapestry has never had to stand up to the rigors of a playground or machine washing.)

* Yo-yo (n): butter-based cookie made with custard powder or cornflour and sandwiched with icing. An example of the recipe can be found here.


  1. Your template sounds fun - love the shape of the flower!

  2. Oooh this is exciting!! I love it. I have wondered what the flower shaped yo-yos look like! Ok, now you've inspired me to get back into my yo-yos. Only 200 to go. HA!

  3. I think I must of beeen under arock as I did nnot know what a yo-yo was until last week. This looks super cute, I love the little green vine too.

  4. Very pretty. Must go and make some... biscuits I mean! You've made me hungry!


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