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July 14, 2008

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts

At 8pm on Saturday 12 July the velvet Butterick 3597 lay as a dejected collection on my sewing table.

Each component had been re-cut where needed, from carefully-sourced fabric in a matching dye-lot. All had been neatly re-stitched by machine and hand, raw edges serged, pieces interfaced. And invisible zipper inserted. Again. I had everything, except more time. And it wasn't yet a skirt.

So losses were cut.

The intended wearer (my sister) looked beautiful in her back-up outfit. And we went and kicked up our heels at the party. A wonderful time was had by all.

But I can't help wondering ... might it have been even better in velvet?


  1. Oh dear! I very much admire your chutzpah in attempting to get it all happening again under such time pressures! I am sure that the party was better without that uncooperative velvet!

  2. Thank God for the back up plan! Now you can finish it at your leisure and your sis can look stunning at the next special occasion!

  3. Aw...hate that. Glad there was a backup plan in works!

  4. Bummer it didn't work out for the special occasion, lucky for the back up plan!!! Wishing you luck for the next try!!!!

  5. Damn, after all that!! At least the pressure is off and you can finish it whenever you feel like now.

  6. Hopefully not another "lost cause" to add to your list! Great to hear your party was a success!


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