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June 26, 2008

You look like you're wearing the curtains

Another finished project. Its a piece of ladies sleepwear (vintage Kwik Sew 1929) that I have given away as a gift. For the sake of the modesty of the recipient, I have shown just a swatch of the fabric!

The print reminds me of the French Toile. A little Googling tells me that Toile de Jouy generally has a white or cream background and single colour repeat print depicting a complex - usually pastoral - scene.

So is it a true Toile? Let's see. Background in cream - check. Single print colour - light blue, yes check. Repeat print depicting complex scene - check. Pastoral theme? Look closely at the photo. You might need to press your nose to the screen. Careful examination shows the pastoral scene to be rows of teddy bears. Toile avec ours en peluche! So a departure, perhaps, from the traditional 1700s print (no teddy farming, to my knowledge, in the 18th century).

But that's not the only depature. I'm perturbed to learn, through my Google search, that toiles are decorator prints used for wallpaper, cushions and upholstery. Apparently I have just hybridised ladies sleepwear and soft furnishings.


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