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June 25, 2008

More sewing astrology

Cancer - the stitch unpicker
22 June - 21 July

  • You are reknown for your helpful ways
    Indeed, you are the best sewing tool. Ever.
  • You have a cautious and protective side to you
    One of your points is rounded to avoid accidentally penetrating and ripping the fabric
  • But you can be harsh
    Sometimes you rip the fabric anyway ... actually, that's probably me ... you really do need to wear your glasses when you are long-sighted
  • You are a homebody
    Ah ... that would explain why you weren't in my sewing kit, in class last night ... when I needed to unpick the whole outside seam on my trouser toile
  • You are emotional
    Um .... I confess .... that's actually me again ... unpicking seams does that to you


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