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June 14, 2008

What would Enid Gilchrist recommend?

This is my delightful new vintage 1960s pattern book. It's classic Enid Gilchrist - patterns for boys and girls, three to six. I have been leafing its yellowing pages, admiring the bias cut underwear, car coats and ever-so-practical shirts that fasten securely to trousers with buttons.

As I am back to the boys' trousers project this weekend, I thought I would see what words of wisdom Enid had for outfitting the small boy.

Most three-year-olds take a great interest in their clothes and although little girls can become excited over pleats and frills, your small son will want everything exactly the same as the boy next door. He has in fact reached the stage when simple, well-tailored styles will please him most.

The same as the boy next door? Well-tailored styles? Please him?

When it comes to attire, I have heard very little from my two. Argy once complained about the lack of pockets on his pyjamas. Recently Bargy has decided to wear lime green gumboots - indoors. That aside, I have little to go on.

So, what is it that modern small boys really want in a pair of trousers?

Vox populi - trouser requirements

  1. Pockets - useful for filling with sand and tissues before the trousers go in the wash
  2. Fabric with a nap - something that helps rid your hands of mud, food and anything completely disgusting that has its origins in a facial orifice

Just off now to draft some extra pockets for my trousers pattern and find that corduroy with the fabulously thick pile.


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