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June 30, 2008

Dig this

The boys are 1 and 3 years old. This is a golden time.

I can still hug and kiss Argy and Bargy without either looking mortified. I can dress them in similar outfits without it being too odd. I can sing loudly and dance round our house with them, without embarrassment.

And I can sew twee, purpose-built items like today's project.

This bag is for transporting toy diggers and trucks to the park. Its my first go at applique. I hope it takes them a while to twig that there's something a little bit wrong about a floral backhoe loader.


  1. i love it! very clever! surely you have a while before they NOTICE it is floral!

  2. I love it and your ingenuity too - I find it so hard to think of things to sew my little man!

  3. Great idea - I used to take my kids sand pit toys in an old shopping bag - brilliant applique!

  4. You did such a lovely job. A while back I made a simple sack for my little boy's cars and trucks. Yours is wonderful and now I wish I had tried some applique.

  5. Weekend project inspriation is now here i think... while i am writting this post my little man is pointing at the digger on the bag (on the screen), he is quite impressed!! Thanks for the comment on my blog.

  6. Fantastic! Way too ambitious for me, and why not a floral digger?!


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