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July 18, 2009


I have borrowed a beautiful song book from my mum - we think it was my younger sister's. Mum used to play the songs from My first sing-a-song book on the piano for us. The book brings back lovely memories. I loved the songs ... and the colourful pictures more-so.

The illustrations are by Mary Blair. She worked on animated features for Disney Studios in the 1950s. Later she worked freelance: illustrating and colour-styling sets, murals and books, including some Golden Books which are still in print. Her work is distinctive, colourful and charming.

And 40-odd years on, almost certainly considered vintage. These days the song book itself, sells for a pretty penny on "antique" book websites.

It has got me to thinking. If treasured books and toys from my childhood are now considered vintage, er ... what does that make me?


  1. *grin* I think that would make you a woman in the best years of your life. How's that?

    The book looks lovely. I am so sad that when moving from one place to another in my teens I lost all my children's books. I am a real bibliophile (is that a real word in english?) and I treasure every book I ever read. Well, most of them. My children learn to deal with books with care. I love, love, love books.

    But my children's books are gone, like I said. And that's a shame. I would love to pass the books I loved as a child on to my little ones. So now I'm searching and collecting the books I remember from back then and slowly build their library that way. Oh well, that's kind of fun too :) And I'm always so excited when I find a book I remember from way back then!

    Books rule.:-)

  2. vintage and worth a lot of money? :)

  3. Those illustrations are divine!

    As for being vintage... well, it's so hot right now to be vintage, so I think you should embrace the term! And technically, I believe 'vintage' applies to anything 25 years old or more... so you're in good company :-)

  4. I've been thinking the same thing - feeling very old and way uncool!

    It's so lovely that your mum has kept things from your childhood. I wish I had things like that still.

  5. It's cool to be vintage.

    Thats my story, etc etc.

    I feel for Karin above, losing all her childhood books - I lost many of mine too, and I'm a bibilophile, big time.

    But one of my sweetest, favourite things these days is finding a copy of an old forgotten favourite in Vinnies or at a grage sale, and having those memroies flood back. Slowly, I'm building the kids library up.

    Yesterday I found 'Five Little Peppers'....a happy day.

  6. Many words sound better when one likens oneself to a fine wine. Consider for example a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Shiraz: full-bodied with velvety undertones and the perfect vintage.

  7. All I can say is this
    "Loving The Vintage"....

  8. Well, I guess it means you are vintage! But you are in good company!

    When I turned "vintage", I decided I was going to be like a good bottle of wine... and get better with age!

  9. Vintage is all the rage now. Often can be expensive too ;)


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