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March 02, 2009

A heartbreak's tale ... or how to make binding

She told me I was boring. A bit too square.
No longer needed.

I was heartbroken, of course. Quite cut up.
I eventually went to pieces.

I did try hard to pull myself together.

I needed assistance to keep it all together.

But I think I reached a turning point.
I resolved to make improvements.

I trimmed down.

Decided to be more open.

Moved towards a major transformation.

I pulled through the whole experience.

And found a new improved me.

I still have my moments - maybe I'm just a bit edgy?
But these days I am much more flexible.
Perhaps we can be friends again?

Slightly more sensible explanation here.


  1. I love how you make your tute into a little story. Very cool!

  2. thank you, I needed a lite moment this morning....an enlightening lite moment, thank you

    leaving with a smile

  3. I much prefer the non-sensible version...te he he!
    What fabric is that? Very cute.

  4. You have a knack of making things look easy - I have one of those little contraptions - still in its packaging - but it may be coming out to play very soon! Thanks you.

  5. I love your tutorial story! I have always wanted to know how to make bias binding, but no idea before now. You photos make it all so clear. Thanks for joining my blog as a follower - I am always thrilled to see a new name pop up!

  6. Really how on earth do you manage to have such a creative mind! Loved it - well done! JO and I looked for these when we were at AQC.... no luck! I make binding the old fashioned way - wonder if this way sits better, and folds better? IS this binding for you picnic rug????

  7. Best blogland post of the week !!!
    Love it!!

  8. You madwoman you, what a fantastic mind you have coming up with that story! Might just have to buy me one of those contraptions one day.

  9. LOVE your quirky posts - you always make me smile!!

  10. so much fun! are you always this much fun?! i love this binding thing, i have been dying for one of those tools, i'm itching to make it!

  11. So thaaat's how you do it - all this time, I've been sewing straight down, not on the angle, I thought there was something wrong with me and following directions!!

  12. Great, how long did it take this time?

  13. This is funny, and a great resource for making binding!

  14. You're hilarious! How lovely to have fabric that talks to you, I hope it doesn't squeal when being cut tho! I love your seams info and am definitely going to give your shower cap tutorial a go! In the famous words of the terminator, "I'll be baaaaaack"! :-)

  15. I love that fabric, and what an awesome story to go with the tutorial!

    If you don't mind my asking, what kind of bias tape maker is that?

  16. Thanks Crusty Baguette! Its a "Birch" brand.


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