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February 12, 2012


Here's a little project completed this weekend. Inspired by the new Colette Sewing Handbook and some favourite dressmaking blogs, I thought it might be fun to draw a personalised "croquis". A sort of virtual "paper doll" I can dress-up in my sewing projects.

Now, by definition a croquis is a quick and sketchy drawing of a live model. If truth be told though, there was nothing even remotely quick about creating my croquis. And there was a distinct lack of a model. I mean, have you ever seen Kate Moss looking like this in her undies? Didn't think so.

Anyway, following the Colette instructions, I created the croquis from a photo. Mr HB was appointed photographer. He took a one photo. Then another photo. And another one. And another. Apparently if you are lardy and have a double-chin, no matter how many photos are snapped, you will still look lardy with a double-chin. Darn.

Following the ill-fated photography session, I did some tracing and then scanned the outline from my photo. Then due to complete ineptitude, I ended up finalising the basic croquis using three different graphics editing applications. The result, as you can see, looks much like I used three completely different graphics editing applications.

Finally, I thought it might be amusing to "try on" some of the 78 garments that I have cut out and then not finished sewing. This one is from the top of the pile - Burda skirt 7531 View A in sand-coloured bengaline.

Please don't ask what happened to my hands. They've been left behind somewhere in one of three graphics editing applications. It appears one of my toes has also vanished.

If only it was that easy to lose the double-chin.


  1. Ingenious! If you work out the double chin thing PLEASE tell me how to get rid of mine.

  2. I have informed all my family they must photograph me from an elevated position - never ever under any circumstances to photograph me from a low view point. With me looking up it helps to hide or at the very least minimise the double chin!

  3. you are a hard woman, so you are!

    I think that's very brave and 'lardy' is harsh.

  4. I've been trying to work out how to real-life Photoshop out wrinkles... if I inadvertently chance across the double-chin solution, I'll let you know.

    And I think "cuddly" is a nicer word than "lardy".

  5. This made me laugh! I think your hands are in the skirt pockets.

  6. ohh prety animation i like this pict. i will download

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