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January 23, 2011

Snowing in Paris?

Its a little bit old fashioned, I know. Maybe a bit nanna. Do you wear one?

I decided I needed a new half-slip after experiencing a mishap in a public place. (By mishap I essentially mean static build-up between my jersey skirt and undies.) When faced with the choice between being a bit nanna and experiencing a wardrobe malfunction that draws attention to my ...er, drawers ... I'll choose nanna any day.

So this is what I sewed this weekend.

I used a piece of slinky tricot. I have to confess that there is nary a natural fibre to be found. The tricot has nylon written all over it ... and I suspect it would go woof if I stood too near a naked flame. But it seems to do the trick - despite high fire danger, there is no more electrical charge.

The construction was very basic. Essentially two rectangles seamed together with a circle of elastic applied at the waist.

There is of course the unwritten rule when sewing Nanna Lingerie that dictates the addition of a lacy trim.

So I used a tight zigzag stitch to attach lace trim (nylon of course) to the right side of the slip ...

... then trimmed close to the stitching to remove the excess fabric from the wrong side.

But what of my reference to it snowing in Paris?

Well, in my childhood I learned that this was the discreet way of pointing out another sort of wardrobe malfunction - a half-slip dropped below one's hemline.

I love this expression. I doubt its heard much these days. Certainly not as often as "Your whale tale* is showing" or "Is that the strap of your over-the-shoulder boulder holder?**".

Or "Hey lady, your skirt is stuck to your bloomers".

* back of a g-string/thong
** brassiere

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  1. Love it! I don't have any slips at the moment but i think that could change once winter kicks in and the stockings come out.
    I used to wear them under my school uniform, all the girls did!

  2. Fantastic! Once I lose the baby bump I'll be whipping up a stack of these! I might even venture into full slips - perhaps you can experiment with those next and report back!

  3. I think slips are very sexy, and I've been plotting to make a few of my own. I think a slip is also more sensible than lining everything.

  4. ooh so lovely Liesl!
    i wear a full slip to bed, hopefully no fire danger there ;)

    love the first pic

  5. I think that first pic is rather saucy! And I love that term it is snowing in Paris- have never heard it.

  6. Ooooh fancy! I'd love a little lacy slip to wear under my dress.... and those fishnets oooh la la!

  7. My mum used to say a variation on the expression - "it's snowing down south", so I immediately knew where you were going with it. Slips really have gone the way of the dinosaur (even my 75-year-old mum doesn't own any any more), so it's good to see them making a comeback. Clare

  8. Gorgeous slip, Liesl. I haven't worn one for years (or a skirt either, for that matter)but now I am tempted - it must be the lace trim. I love that expression "snowing in Paris"; hadn't heard it before. When I was growing up in NZ it was, as Clare's mum used to say, "Snowing down south" if ever our undies (or more likely the dreaded witch's britches when the waist elastic was loose) were showing. Did your latest creation earn the Argy and Bargy Seal of Approval??

  9. Oh Liesl it's gorgeous. I'd love to commision you to make me one.
    Im a real slip girl, I like to wear them both to bed, around the house when I'm too hot and also under things that are a bit see through.
    and I'm with you nanna all the way.

  10. I fine piece of sewing! I hope you wear it lots and it save you the embarrassment of flashing yer drawers.

    Only thing better than a slip is a culotte slip. Serves all the same functions, but having a divided skirt also assists in preventing chafage.


  11. That is far too lovely to be nanna! I just bought a full slip for a dress I've owned for ages but can't wear because it's sheer.

    You've reminded me that when I was young I heard the expression as "snowing down south".

  12. Yes, I've made one recently to wear under my linen japanese dress - of course, not as nice as yours. Will have to add laces on the list now, when shopping. Snowing in Paris - never heard of it either. Thanks for the info.

  13. I always learning something new on the Hoppo Bumpo guide to life! The whale tale one is new to me. Isn't there a saying for when a guys fly is undone? That happenes to me with a certain pair of trousers a lot! Slips and 'step-ins'- ugh, my mother wore them, and I worked out she would have only been about 25! After 3 kids, though....There are those super tight lycra bobysuits nowadays, so 'step-ins' are back, why not slips? Nope, couldn't wear one yet, not Nanna enough for it. I don't do singlets or camisoles either, just bra and undies (and the bra comes off at the first available change, hate them That's a bit Nanna'ish I think, saggy boobies). However, my child is quite partial to a singlet. So I better start planning her slip!

  14. WOW you are super good at sewing...

    Love this - GOsh I cannot remember when I last wore one of these.. Perhaps I need to start wearing skirts again!

  15. Saucy and slinky is definitively NOT nanna. Or at least, not any of the nannas I ever knew.

    Just squealed at the definition of Snowing in Paris...

  16. Very sexy - totally NOT Nana.

    By the way, I have nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. You can read about it here http://sugarplumquilts.blogspot.com/2011/01/liebster-blog-award.html

  17. Love it Liesl! I too hate my skirt sticking to my stockings and am currently in need of a new half slip (I have some full slips in the drawer but could do with some more of them too). Time to break out the tricot and lace all round, I say!

  18. Love the half-slip!! I hate it when my skirts get all grabby on me! Mine tend to grab up all in my crotch, which is really not where I want people's attention focused... :)

    I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


  19. Lovely skirt..I love wearing skirt..Nice fabrication used for this..Good work..Keep working!!


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