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December 26, 2010

Excuses, excuses (or: "How to use a sewing-related giveaway to gloss over a 50 day absence")

Alibi, clearance, confession, cop-out, cover-up, excuse, defence, extenuation, facade, gloss, immunity, guise, indemnity, justification, lie, mitigation, pardon, pretense, pretext, rationalisation, reason, sham, story, subterfuge.

Goodness gracious; its been a while. What reason could there possibly be for not writing one's blog for so long? If you could think up a suitable excuse, I would be very much obliged.

If you leave a suggestion here, I will also pop you in the running to win a copy of the "2011 Sewing Calendar" released by Accord Publishing. Entries are open until 9am Thursday 30 December (Australian Eastern Standard time) and anyone is welcome to enter. A winner will be drawn at random and - being as 2011 is almost upon us - the calendar sent post haste.

(Remember: Outlandish is good. Mirth is encouraged.)

In the meantime, here is a little more about this lovely calendar.

2011 Sewing Calendar
Page-a-Day Calendar, 430 pages
Megan Smith (editor)
ISBN 0740797077
RRP AUD$27.99

The year-round sewing enthusiast will love this calendar. There are over 100 terrific projects for everyday home use, as well as lovely gifts for giving. If you enjoy reading sewing blogs, you will recognise many of the contributors, including these talented ladies. There's a new project every three days, presented as a handy fold-out page. Step-by-step instructions are accompanied by illustrations and pattern pieces.

Thank you to Megan Smith, for including a project from me too. Coincidentally it falls exactly one year from today - 26 December. Maybe I'll see you this time next year for a spot of sewing?


  1. Your sewing machine fell on you and pinned you to the ground? And you couldn't get off the floor and the whole family didn't come to check if you were okay because they thought you were just up to your lightsabres making another Jedi Robe?

  2. I don't know - it's late and I'm brain-fried after xmas..... but I think I'd be mentioning the Pants of Misfortune (perhaps in a Wallace & Grommet-Wrong-Trousers-style caper)....?

  3. It would appear that you have begun another internet pattern and have been busy taping the tiny pieces of pattern together. With a rheem load of papers it would naturally take you 50 days to sort, compile and piece them all together. Not to mention the big storm that blew the untaped pieces all over the neighbourhood, which you then had to collect, dry and iron before you could continue with the process. I am amazed that it only took you a couple of weeks to recover from this (not to mention the hangover headache that came from consuming a bottle of red to calm your nerves down after that incredible dressing down you received from Miss Perfectly Slim down the road who would never let her papers fly away! and the huge fine from the local coucil for littering). Congratulations on taking just 5o days and undercutting your previous effort by months. Cherrie

  4. Obviously you were kidnapped by space aliens wanting sewing lessons. Argy and Bargy didn't report you missing cos they were to busy building a Millenium Falcon replica in your living room using cardboard boxes.

    Mr HoppoBumpo eventually noticed you were gone and rescued you when he ran out of clean socks.

  5. Weren't you spending the time in quiet reflection, preparing yourself for the eclipse/solstice/fullmoon? I just assumed...

  6. Oh good heavens, what excuse DOESN'T work in December?! Santa kidnappped you and forced you to work in his shop? You were simply enjoying your holiday season? You were temporarily turned into a turnip??

    Merry Christmas, and happy new year, either way!!

  7. Can't compete with some of those previous entries.
    Needless to say, the dog ate your homework.
    Glad you're back!!
    Andi x

  8. Its early, i can't think of anything other than the dog ate your computer.

    Just glad your back. xx

  9. You got lost in your sewing room and couldn't get out when a pile of fabric fell on top of you? I could see that on my obituary lol. Glad to see you Leisl. Hope you and your family had a great Christmas.

  10. Santa stole you and put you to work sewing pencil rolls for Christmas stockings.

    Welcome back :)

  11. What ever the reason - welcome back!!

  12. Who cares where you've been---we're just thrilled to have you back!

  13. You managed to break both arms in a freak sewing accident and when you tried to apply 'skelo-grow' to them you discovered your bottle was long out of date and you couldn't reach out to the lovely blogging community to let them know because typing was impossible!

    In all seriousness it's very good to see you back :)

  14. The dog ate your blogspot???

    Hope things are good in your world Mrs. XX

  15. It's a somewhat delayed post-Blogtoberfest hibernation? Welcome back!

  16. I was hoping you were ok, and not accidentally tripped up by the pants of misfortune and rescued by some lovely movie star who insisted that your family join their family for christmas in the maldives... and that would make a very good excuse...

  17. No excuse needed - nice to hear from you...

  18. Dollar equals Dollar Oh What a find
    For Liesl (of the sewing kind).
    Onto the internet quick as can be
    Was she lost in a fabric shopping trolley?
    50 days in the land of ether
    How much material by the meter?
    Now she’s, back will she say,
    What kept her off until today?

  19. Perhaps you had nothing to say (you said it could be outlandish)

    Anyway it is good to have you back from where-ever you have been. I do hope it was good.

  20. 50 days?!!! Blimey! Well, if you were me, you could just say that you're pregnant and everyone is lucky that you blog anything at all. The pencil roll suggestion doesn't cut it for me either, as I spent a week before Christmas making eight of them, so unless you were making like 50,000 of them for an orphanage or something, then really, it's no excuse.

    Maybe you just got busy making stuff instead of talking about it?

    Look - here's the deal. You just get back to blogging like you usually do, and we'll all pretend it never happened, okay?

    If you send ME the calendar, I promise never to mention it again.

    PS - hope you had a Merry Christmas :)

  21. wow, has it been that long!!
    maybe your were at bloggers anonymous doing a 12 step program & you couldn't get back to blogging as then you'd fall off the wagon and miss out on your 50 day medal.

    or you just have a life & blogging had to wait.

    good to have you back Ms Liesl

  22. Christmas, that's it just Christmas. Oh and little boys and school holidays :-)

    Hope you had a nice break and that the coming year treats you well.

    PS Don't add me to the giveaway, I'm trying very hard to clean up the clutter over here and someone else is bound to make better use if it than me :-)

  23. You mean you didn't tell everyone? A
    bout how you were hand picked (on the basis of your blog showing what an ingenious person you are of course) to be Oprah's personal production assistant while she was here.
    Of how you roganised massive feasts with Donna (hay of course) and Curtis, scheduled flights all over the country for her many guests and chatered the way climbing up the Harbour Bridge then lead everyone in a rousing victory song once you all reached the top.
    Shame you sort of messed up that Hugh Jackman thing a little though....
    Still you did a great job with the rest.
    Welcome back!

  24. Aliens... that's what it was

    (that is my random excuse for everything)


  25. Teenage child stole the computer to use facebook? Close enough to be true

  26. Well, maybe in a wine-induced daze of reckless altruism you offered to outfit a 50-member choir...only to realize that meant 50 different pattern alterations. Between the FBAs, SBAs, the hems, the sleeve widths, well, 50 days goes by so fast.

    Now the real mystery remains: what were you drinking!?!?!?

  27. I assumed you were on a time traveling mission, summoned to the future where it was necessary for you to intervene. Just what you did to save the future of sewing for rest of us is for you to reveal or keep to yourself. Thanks for ensuring the availability of fabric, thread, sewing machines and notions for us and our progeny into the future.
    Michigan fan


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