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November 02, 2010

And the production line starts ....

This week - following a few pattern tweaks - I started on my Jalie #2005 t-shirt production line. As the old saying goes "when you're on to a good thing ... make at least 50 of it". Or was that "too many knits are never enough"?

Anyway, the first cab off the rank was this plain black tee in a cotton-lycra blend.

For this version of the t-shirt, I replaced the fabric neck band with fold-over elastic (below). I'd never tried fold-over elastic before, so had a few little practice runs on scraps.

It was fairly easy to apply and I quite like the finish it gives. My pattern had a V-neck, so I cut it a little rounder. (I'm deeply suspicious that stitching elastic into a point could end up in all kinds of ugly).

I finished the hems on both the sleeves and at the bottom of the t-shirt using a twin needle. The sleeves are passable but not my finest work. A channel appeared between the two lines of stitching and harsh words were said (most of them naughty, unrepeatable ones).

Luckily when I got to the main hem, I remembered to fuse Vliesofix tape inside the fold for a bit of stability. The stitching sits quite nicely and I think I have a finished garment that looks vaguely store-bought. (Or maybe just vague. Oh, no, that would be me, the wearer.)

Now I am looking forward to getting started on some more tees using nice colours from my collection of knit fabrics. (The floral print is a stretchy Liberty Print, which I am working up the courage to hack into cut.)

Now a little footnote to my previous Jalie t-shirt post. This is for those readers who left unsolicited comments regarding ... ahem ... my rack.

Yes, you know who you are. This is just for you.

Its a close-up of my big pear.


  1. Mwahahahahahaha. That is a mighty fine pear Liesl :-)

    Love the Vliesofix tip. My attempts at twin needle stitching on knits thus far have also been accompanied by rude words. And a trip to my local machine salesperson, who was *no* help at all and just wanted me to buy a Bernina!

  2. I'm soooo impressed! I can't even imagine how difficult it would be to actually make a t-shirt. It sends terror chills up my spine!

  3. I'm going to try the vlisofix too. I'm having major problems with my machine and knit fabric. Maybe the extra stiffness will help things along. Thanks. Cherrie

  4. The fit is great, it looks really good and will only get even better by the time you work your way through the 50!

    Carry on!

  5. And a lovely pear it is! Thanks for the giggle, Liesl...

  6. ooh, I like the look of that holey stuff !!!!
    No mention of racks from at all.

  7. Is this the altered pattern? It's looking good. Can't wait to see the green one.

  8. Not sure I will ever attempt a t-shirt, sounds hard, yours looks amazing and v.v. professional!


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