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September 21, 2010

Phrases for spouses/partners of home sewers

No, no ... you could never have too much fabric
Of course you need a coverstitch machine
I would be proud to wear something you sewed me

X Can you make me car seat covers?
X Changing this button fly front on my jeans to a zipper
     would be pretty easy, yes?
X Can I see that Jedi robe you're sewing for Argy? I need to
     make sure you got the design right.


  1. Love it! Will make sure my husband reads this! (Altho then I may need to borrow your Jedi robe pattern, if that's ok.)

  2. Ummm... whats a coverstitch machine?
    great post!

  3. And he hasn't figured this out yet!?

    What a nice mummy you are making star wars stuff for your boy(s). (assuming you wont' get away with just the one)

    Just stitch the fly shut, that'd be even quicker.

  4. I pissed myself reading this. Chef always asks me to sew things - for example Busys car dvd player the thing that connects it ot the seat broke and
    he said "can't you just sew a bag for it that will strap to the seat? "
    Me: "Actually no I can't"
    Him" it wouldn't be that hard"
    Me: "two words: Occy straps."

  5. The car seat line cracked me up. It's exactly the kind of request people floor you with when they discover you own a sewing machine! I've sewn a cover for a large piece of equipment at Royal Melbourne Hospital, where my aunt was working as a research assistant.

  6. Is your son a Jedi Warrior?

    Wow! I'd be trumpeting that too!

    Have you sewn him a sheath for his lightsaber?

  7. Love your list. On the other side of the fence is "My machine doesn't do that!"

  8. Glad I'm not the only one who has to sew Jedi costumes!

    I can't complain too much, my husband surprised me with a sewing machine a few years ago when my old one died, although I'm yet to hear him say 'you can never have too much fabric'.

  9. OH yes, just love it when my husband (a soldier) gives me advice on colour combinations - um, YOU ONLY WEAR GREEN!! Anyway, he's about to return after 9 months of not coming home & my studio is a mess so he's going to do the "surely you have enough fabric" thing as he walks in the door. I will distract him with my beauty & power of changing the conversation!! Love Posie

  10. So true. My partner joined me today for a very quick spot of fabric shopping and you'd have thought that I was torturing the guy.

  11. Brilliant! I think this needs to be printed and framed!


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