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September 13, 2010

The cover-up

Cover-up: (n) concealment of evidence of wrong-doing, error or other embarrassing information

I love a good cover-up - especially if its in the creative domain. So when I saw a craft idol discussing the judicious placement of a faux cabbage rose or spray of feathers to disguise a millinery mistake, I was full of admiration.

In my mind it completely legitimises the use of the cover-up.

For most, "quick, hide the evidence" is a last resort. For me: a personal mantra. If I had a dollar for every sunken cake back-filled with icing, or decorative applique sewn over a scorch mark, I'd be a wealthy woman indeed.

Of course, not every cover-up is a success and there are many traps for the young player.

Take this early sketch, for example. Following a number of failed nose renderings, the furry marsupial got a ... leaf.

Its all about the context, people. Hat with cabbage rose: good. Possum with naso-mandibular-foliage-substitution ... well I'll leave you to decide.

How about you? Do you engage in the creative cover-up? Do tell - it will just be our little secret. I promise.


  1. I paint . I paint possoms too . I use leaves a lot but don't tell anyone !

  2. I just think it's the most beautiful possum sketch I've ever seen, leaf or no leaf.xo

  3. I think it is good. Are possums shy? Do they hide their noses especially in the winter? I don't know but it is still cute. I'll do the cake cover up but haven't done so much of the sewing kind. but I think innovation is one of the best sources of individuality. Cherrie

  4. I am totally in awe of your use of the little know wording..."naso-mandibular-foliage-substition."
    Truly you are an outstanding wordsmith and I raise my cap to you!

  5. Honestly, leaves are so versatile. From spectacular Renaissance sculpted modesty to entirely-as-important naso-mandibular-foliage-substitution for a possum...

  6. Oh yes. The cover up is a completely legitimate part of the design process. Many a design breakthrough was made in the strategic placement of applique or cabbage rose.... or leaf.

  7. It's not a mistake, it's 'a design opportunity', aka 'do it twice and look like you meant it.

    Cute wee guy - in a softie this might be worrying for a lovely drawing, just the proper thing.


  8. Once upon a time, in a faraway land a man named Adam used a strategically placed leaf to very good effect. You are obviously in good company.
    I could tell you about a particularly fetching coat dress which I made in the '80s and the strategic use of a brooch which helped the wide lapels lie evenly but maybe I should just keep that filed with the other 'fashion disasters' of my younger days.

  9. Is he of the reknowned 'snub-nose possum' genus? Or is it a particularly wide leaf?

  10. Don't judge yourself too harshly, now! I think you deserve a lot of credit just for the term "naso-mandibular-foliage-substitution."

  11. Of course I do...only the other day I made a pair of Dortje Trousers and sewed the wrong sides together so the seam was on the outside. Out came the ribbon box and I just sewed some on to cover it up. There was no way I was going to undo a perfectly good seam!

    I love the leaf over the nose cover up. Looks like it's meant to be there.

  12. All the time... except I'm so good at kidding myself that I don't even think of it as a cover-up rather destiny or the way it was meant to be!

    I like your possum drawing. It is cute.

  13. You have reminded me of the famous words of one of our staff members trying to explain an ICT problem with the new equipment he was demonstrating - "It's not a fault - it's a feature". This quote has been well utilised by the staff ever since and proven very handy to get out of some 'leaf over the nose' situtations since. Remember - the nose isn't a fault - the leaf is a feature!
    (Not so anonymous - your sister!)

  14. When I stuffed up a calligraphy piece, you can bet it'd be covered by a butterfly. Altho I have used a star, on occasion. Can't look too perfect, or people would think everything's been made in some factory in China. That's what I think. Yay for possums and leaves!

  15. Perfect leaf placement!

    Oooh my word verification word is nunosigh. I may have to start using it.


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