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July 07, 2010


Every term break, I try and be a good mum and bring out an array of craft projects for Argy and Bargy's amusement. Every term break, I am reminded of what a deluded optimist I am.

Today, for example, we tried collage. I laid out stacks of brightly coloured paper, newsprint, luminous pencils, glue, scissors and tape.

The boys quickly got to work. It took no time to see their preference for mixed media collage. I do mean mixed media in the sense of trawling coloured pencils through glue, sticky-taping scissors closed and adhering things to the floor.

Avant-garde? Or masters of wanton destruction?

I'll leave you to decide. Perhaps some of their previous arts and crafts ventures will assist?

Misunderstanding where the artist should stand in relation to the easel

Creating a masking tape installation whilst parental attention is diverted

Thinking too far out of the square about how to decorate a satchel

Oh well, at least I had a lovely time with my red and blue assemblage (pictured, top). I've stuck it on the fridge.


  1. oH Liesl!!! thanks for the laugh! best laugh I've had in ages.
    In does seem, they are masters of mixed media, their take on the artistic process brings a new meaning to installations.
    You're a gem. xo

  2. Oh Argy and Bargy! I can just see them as a double act at the comedy festival in a few years time.
    I'm very glad that Mum's artwork made it to the fridge in one piece!

  3. Great photo's! I tried a similar thing with Chloe - wasn't looking for two seconds and she wrapped the dining table in an entire ball of wool. Kids.

  4. I can laugh- because I am not alone after all.
    There is the idealistic me that approaches school holidays with that "must do my duty and provide crafty stimulation for my children" that butts heads with the practical me that just wants to sew and drink coffee while Mr ABC and Nr Wii entertain the kids mess-free. Usually I do the first then follow up with the second while I clean up the mess!

  5. Oh ... I am laughing out loud here! Gorgeous. Your boys are wonderful.

  6. So clever those boys, I see fabulous things in their future.

  7. That last photo of Bargy in the post satchel is priceless. Did you think of simply attaching some stamps and posting???

  8. Oh to have the creative freedom of a kid! I love the masking tape installation.

  9. Congratulations...it's not often you get your own artwork on the fridge! Love the photos.

  10. Thanks once again for the hearty laugh! Now, did they get into those predicaments or did you pose them for the camera?

  11. Hehe...too cute. Great post.

  12. I gaffaaawed at the last picture- friggin hilarious!!!

  13. HI Liesl, These photographs are absolutely lovely! I do love them all but my favourite bit of 'narration' would be the 'creating the masking tape installation'..... loved it. Thanks for the grin. Peta


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