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April 26, 2010

Reversible scarf

A satiny print; a soft warm knit.
Pinned together; right sides inward.
Sewn carefully; almost all the way.

Corners clipped.
Right sides turned outward.
Perimeter top-stitched.
A new scarf.

Satin and jersey fabric from Tessuti Fabrics. Made for my mum's birthday. Modelled by me. (With just a hint of grey dressing gown. Classy.).


  1. What a lovely gift! I might have to nick that idea and make one for my mum.
    PS - Nice dressing gown!

  2. Love it.
    (Especially the addition of the dressing gown!! lol)

  3. Dead gorgeous.

    ( reading this from the comfort of my own grey dressing gown... )

  4. Looks swisho and hand made with love, your mum will love it!

  5. That hint of grey dressing gown? Perfection. You should have been a stylist. My startling green gnome-like slippers would go beautifully too.

    PS. You are so going to win the favourite daughter award.


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