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April 05, 2010

About to make my fortune?

Its April and feijoa season. Have you seen the little green fruit? They are about the size of an egg, native to Brazil and related to guavas. I believe they are quite popular in New Zealand, but seldom seen here in Australia. Except for my place, where I have quite a lot.

You see about two years ago I asked my parents not to lop the huge feijoa tree in their garden. As a result I now receive all the fruit. At the time of writing, I have taken receipt of approximately a bazillion feijoas.

And as is often the way in nature, with volume I have started to see some variation in the shape of the fruit. For example, this penguin turned up today.

I am deeply suspicious (but cannot prove) that the eyes and wings were added, sometime after it parted company with the tree. That aggressive expression is, however, quite genuine.

The question is whether I should make it into chutney ... or follow this example and list a Rare Feijoa Penguin (Cranky Disposition) on eBay?


  1. Ha! He's so cute!

    You know fiejoa make a really nice infusion in vodka...

  2. Love it. Well I would, wouldn't I!?

    A Peppermint Penguin

  3. Oh my giddy gosh. I adore them. We used to have a tree in our childhood home, love love love love them. So much so that hubby just bought our own to plant. I wonder how long till it fruits...

    Yummo Scrummo

  4. people will buy anything, so I'd try eBay :D

  5. hahaha that kiwi shaped feijoa is hilarious! I'd say try the feijoa chutney (although, I am a bit biased towards chutneys, personally!)

  6. Ebay! Ebay! Why are you still reading this? Why haven't you listed yet?


  7. Never even heard of feijoa before let alone seen such a prime specimen. That's really cute.

  8. Ebay AWAY! A bazillion minus one for chutney. Don't s'pose it's too late to see if there are any high earners in the shape of something Easter and religious?

  9. I say go Ebay - it would be worth the listing fee to see what happens

  10. I've never heard of this fruit - it does look a little cross!

  11. Ha. I wanna see how much eBay can pull in for that one. :p

    We call them pineapple guavas over here...I didn't know they were called feijoas til a bunch of Aussies and Kiwis shouted me down. :p

    Pauline over at Paradise Lost posted once about a chocolate feijoa cake, which I had never heard of..but apparently is a popular concept. If you make one, I think customs would be fine with a bit of cake through the mail. :D

  12. Ahhh, Liesl. You're a nut. A very fruity nut.

  13. Love him even for all his grumpys.
    I;m a bit amazed by the whole kiwi feijoa ebay saga, but I guess waste not want not..
    It does seem a bit cruel making him into chutney
    PS I wonder what the winner did with the kiwi.

  14. Please go with the ebay listing. Please, pretty please.

  15. ive never heard of this fruit and they're certainly not grown here in the UK. I must take a look around see if they are imported. I love to try new foods!


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