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March 10, 2010

Vintage ornaments

These little treasures are from my childhood collection.

They were known to me as orderments

You know ... in the same way that pasta was known as besghetti.

And large medical facilities were hostipals.

This was my nice little collection of wooden people and aminals.


  1. Oh, aren't they gorgeous! (I used to say hostipals as well!)

  2. How lucky are you that you still have them . My daughter used to say brekstest for breakfast and my son used to say the bath was just perky mum for perfect . You really needed to know all that didn't you ?

  3. A fellow besghetti-ist!

    I only have one ornament from my childhood and it sits on my eldest daughters dressing table. It was a gift from a girl at school for my 6th birthday. I had a big party and mum made me a rabbit birthday cake. I think we would have had cordigal to drink.

    I am dead jealous though of your collection.

  4. very nice orderments :) love the little rabbit :)

  5. Your orderments are very cute. Nice to see orderments without the dreaded C-word involved. Strangely enough, given my name, I have quite a few penguin orderments!

    In my house we still say prestink for that pedestrian area in the city and you put letters in an enderbloke.

    Orderments...hmm, makes me think of ordering things. Online shopping mmmmm.

  6. Is it just me or are the word verification inventing wonderful new words?

    pophoida I had just then. As in, I like all chocolate but I pophoida dark.

  7. What adorable and wonderful orderments!! Love em!

  8. Did the hostipal have an ambliance?

  9. What cute orderments! My cousin used to call hospitals horse piddles ;) It was so cute and funny!


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