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March 28, 2010

I just head to buy it

I saw her sitting on a shelf amongst a dozen sisters. Discounted said her ticket. It wasn't a surprise - most of her neighbors had lost noses and other polystyrene features in somewhat mysterious circumstances. She on the other hand looked quite intact ( ... so far as one can say this about a disembodied head).

I couldn't resist; I knew she'd be awfully useful. Even if only time would tell for what (here's hoping that Roswell don't ask for her return).

In the meantime, at least I can say I really got a-head in my sewing this weekend.


  1. So you are going to make a hat next? https://www.nicolemdesign.com.au/shop/hat-patterns/2340-fedora-adults-hat-pattern.html


  2. So how is the head going to help with the sewing?

    Great minds think alike?

    2 heads are always better than one?

  3. All seems completely normal to me. I brought a pair of right legs home on a London tube once. They have since followed us to Australia. After nine years I still haven't found a use for them (other than bewildering visitors) but I wouldn't take 'em back for quids.

  4. I think you should let Argy and Bargy loose with the head and your makeup stash.... just to prettify her a little.

  5. Yeah!! what a fantastic find!!

  6. Gah..dd is on my case to buy her one of these. I am refusing to show her this, and thus confirm that it can, in fact, actually be done. :p

  7. You could mount her on your roof as an alien gargoyle.

  8. hat stand? wig stand? headband stand? could always paint it and stick it in the window to freak people out :p


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