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January 03, 2010

Frocking up

Making a frock: nervous, a bit.
The fabric is stretchy: a denim knit.
My pattern's a Butterick - 5206.
The bodice needs changing; a bit of a fix.
I've planned some darts, but will remove the zip.
(If I can't put it on, I'll feel a right drip!)
I'm making the waist somewhat thicker.
(Was it the chocolates and all that liquor?)
Now the time has come to cut and sew,
But I'm kind of hesitating, you know.
The good scissors were misused; no longer sharp
And the overlocker ... well, I don't mean to harp.
OK I'll admit it - I'm deliberately stalling.
My procrastination is really appalling.
Its just this you see: I've never made my own dress
And what if all those changes create a big mess?

Butterick 5206
Misses' dress, mid-knee length, has close-fitting mock wrap bodice, flared skirt, contrast binding, side zipper, sleeve variations and tie belt. Suitable for moderate stretch knits. (Available in sizes 8 - 24).
Pictured above with black denim-look knit and black and white gingham for contrast binding.


  1. I love gingham, can't wait to see how your frock adjustments go. I'm too frightened to attempt a garment from the pattern let alone one with alterations! Good luck!

  2. Love the poetry - excellent procrastination strategy. Might pen some verse myself rather than starting 2010's projects.
    ... but you'll feel better about it once you get started & you're one clever person so you'll figure it out.
    Good luck!

  3. Your sure to be fine
    your sewings divine,
    its not knitting so no you can't frog it !
    Just remember your bits
    and adjust for your tits (FBA)
    and if you stuff-up, remember to blog it!

  4. Ooh, I think you are very brave. Good luck. I'm with you on making the waist thicker though, and ditto on the reasons why!

  5. If you're leaving out the side zip don't make it too fitted! Good luck.

  6. You can do it! You will not frock it up if you take your time and carefully read the pattern!

  7. hehe i know what you mean. love the poem as part of the procrastination strategy, i am not that clever!

  8. what is the worst that can happen? you wreck a piece of fabric, but that isn't too bad, you can still use it for smaller projects! go for it!

  9. hehehe! Great post! And love the pattern! And large ladies size too! Look forward to seeing it finished xox


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