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December 29, 2009

The truth of the matter

A discussion with Anna from Shiny Happy Thoughts prompted today's admission: I have a collection of ... ahem ... abandoned Christmas craft projects. I'm not proud.

Exhibit A ~ Christmas wall-hanging (pictured above)

98% complete

Single panel, hand-quilted. Handmade binding. Was looking good until I reached the bit where I needed to make 35 button holes to poke Christmas lights through. Lost enthusiasm with just 10 of those confounded buttonholes to go. Bother.

Exhibit B ~ Christmas cards (pictured above)

5% complete

Perhaps the less said about the stack of untouched cardboard, the better, yes? I can only apologise to all the family and friends who did not receive a nice handmade card (actually make that any card at all) this festive season.

Exhibit C ~ Gingerbread cottage (pictured above)

1% complete

At least I had collected the delectable decorations - and its the thought that counts, right? Sweetie anyone?

What about you? Do you have any unfinished Christmas business?


  1. I was wondering what happened to the wall hanging. It was all going swimmingly before the ended up with that dreaded lurgy!
    I'm not even apologising about the lack of effort on my part regarding christmas cards... I've become so lazy!
    I managed to sit on the couch and stare at the christmas tree all day today while thinking that I should probably get off the couch and pack it up - didn't happen.

  2. Well at least you bought cardboard for the cards, I didn't even do that. I working on new year cards, or perhaps an email version!

  3. could be projects for next year? :) and candy never goes to waste :D gingerbread or not

  4. UGH. I collected the itty bitty glass jars, the strands of tinsel, and the fairy lights...but never made my little lit-up glass Christmas tree! Oh well - maybe next year. *pbtht*

  5. Oh yes! Mmm... well my cards haven't been sent at all (they are still sitting on the table as I continue to kid myself that they will get written before the new year).. then there was the handmade Christmas paper I was going to make (I got the kraft paper and the paint and that was as far as I got)... the dresses and frilly pants I was going to make up for all the girl bubs... the Christmas baking (I got the ingredients)... the handmade ornaments... umm... need I go on?

  6. Oh my...yes. From prior years though. And one from this year. I actually ran out of time and materials from the one from this year. Went and bought the fabric to make the computer bag (needed lining fabric) and will work on that tomorrow!
    Now prior years.. hrm... that would be telling. :)

  7. Indeed I do-
    1 Gingerbread Christmas tree
    3 reindeer softies
    10 handmade xmas cards
    2 hanging embroideries

    Your post makes me feel much better! December really flew this year didn't it!

  8. I'm not even going to bother with a list. I was a super lazy ass when it came to xmas this year....I just DID NOT have time! Next year though, I'm going to be super orgainised, handmade gifts, cards, decorations and I even have an idea for wrapping paper. New Years resolution perhaps?

  9. I knew that there was a reason that I didn't make Christmas decorations. I don't have room in the house for that many unfinished projects.

  10. My unfinished projects are also staring at me accusingly. There is 1 tree wallhanging 95% finished, 1 advent calendar 50% finished, 1 table runner 99% finished (I thought I could learn to do self binding but realise I should stick to separate binding).Now I look at is as I only have 5%, 50% and 1% of these projects to go to finish them in 2010!


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