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November 15, 2009

Eye spy ... an adventure

I am playing along with Bug and Pop's lovely "Eye Spy" each Sunday. This week's theme is from the delightful Weezie's Woolies. Louise has asked us to show off an adventure that we have had.

Here are some photos from some snowy adventures in Canada a few years back.

The one above shows me tubing. If you are unfamiliar with this fast-paced thrill, it involves parking yourself in an inner tube and sliding down a hill. You can see here that despite using the tube from the tyre of a rather enormous piece of earth moving equipment, my bottom got stuck.

In the next photo, you see me trying out snow-shoeing. Approximately 60 seconds after this photograph was taken, I was upside down in a metre of snow.

Here I am perfecting my ice skating technique ... that is, staying upright. (Don't laugh ... Torvill and Dean probably started out with witches' hats too.)

In this snap I am dismounting the chair lift at the top of a ski run. Approximately 60 seconds after this photograph was taken, I was upside down in a metre of snow.

And finally here I am sliding gracefully along a cross country ski trail. On my bottom. Lucky for me, the snow wasn't a metre deep.

Thank you to Cindy for hosting Eye Spy and to Louise for the theme. To discover other adventures, head over here.


  1. There is obviously a bit of a theme there Liesl! It sounds like a great adventure though!

  2. Hee hee, look at you go you little snow bunny you. Great post, thanks for the giggles.x

  3. Looks like tons of fun...if you like snow that is!

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time and lots of fun! :-)

  5. I am sorry but I absolutely laughed at you (sorry, not with you) in these photos! They are great - it looks like a fab trip and I suspect there was much more success happening that you led on...

  6. You are a braver woman than me! And at least you got off the ski lift. I'd probably have ended up doing laps until someone grabbed me off.

  7. snowshoes are hard to use! we had to try them out in school and I don't think anyone staid upright for long lol

    wouldn't catch me dead tubing tho, seen too many people end up in the hospital when the tubes flip over o.0

  8. Oh, you're a funny lady. I would've been right behind you (on MY behind). Your pixelated faces are making me laugh too...

  9. I LURVE snow! You made the most of the wonderful stuff it seems!

  10. I'd be right beside you in head down in the metre of snow :)
    Looks like you had an amazing time!


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