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November 07, 2009

The compendium of fabric-buying justifications (Chapter 2)

Statement: You never, ever, ever see this one on sale. I've made such a saving.

Situation: Rationalising why you purchased 2 metres with absolutely no project in mind.

Context: Liberty lawn at less than half price.

Success rate: Variable. Depends on whether you subscribe to the glass-half-full or glass-half-empty outlook.

In the example above, it was ascertained that while I saved $33, I also spent $33. And to my great surprise apparently one does not cancel out the other.

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  1. Oh.... I'd say the glass half full is the way to go. You'll find a use for it - even if that use is just stroking it lovingly from time to time.

  2. Sadly my husband doesn't understand the logic of "look how much I saved" when I have purchased something that I wasn't planning to purchase anyway. Granted he may have a point but he really shouldn't stand between an irrational sewing person and her fabric stash and expect to come out intact, should he?

  3. I use this theory a lot myself. Dear Husband is not a believer :(

  4. How about a dress for this summer?

    And your reasons to buy this are all very valid. You couldn't do anything else. Really! ;-)

  5. I feel that the word compendium should be bandied about more readily in every day conversation. I love your posts :)

  6. half price liberty is NOT buying fabric - it is investing

  7. You paid that much! I bought some last week for. ......no not really. Lovely fabric, and who says you need a reason. Enjoy!

  8. ooh that is a gorgeous fabric. would just end up hanging that on the wall, would be too afraid to cut it

  9. You mean you need a project in mind? ;)


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