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November 03, 2009

The compendium of fabric-buying justifications (Chapter 1)

Statement: Well, I thought you might like it.

Situation: Selling the purchase to a MOTH (Man Of The House).

Context: Novelty prints of cars, tractors, beer steins and sporting paraphernalia. Also useful for Hawaiian prints.

Success rate: Fair to good depending upon correlation with MOTH's hobbies/personal interests.

In the example above, the outcome was rated as fair. Greater success may have been achieved with a licensed Manchester United print.


  1. Please hurry with more chapters soon, my justifications are running out fast and wearing thin. LOL :-)

  2. Me too, me too....hurry, need more ideas on how to tell him yes, I needed that, even though my fabric closet has got plenty in it (that is if you ask my MOTH).

  3. ahh what do men know about fabric

  4. Oh that would not work here at all, mores the pity!

  5. I would only get excitement from hubby in this house if it was lycra fabric...No, not what it sounds like. He wants me to sew his cycling apparel. Though my 2 year old daughter likes to stroke daddy's legs when they are lycra clad. That's a worry!

  6. Hee hee... at least I don't need to hide mine anymore!
    PS - Did you add the phrase "and it was on special?"

  7. How about trying - Manchester United in conjunction with Milo 'food' drink football promotional fabric - possible collectors item?
    Chele x

  8. LOL! Around here the fabric makes it into the stash before anyone knows about it ...and then when it comes out to be used and the 'question' is asked (where did that come from?) I just tell him it was in the bin downstairs. Strangely he doesn't notice the number of bins incresing.

  9. I use 'for the choldren'. This now includes both a pink and blue child so all fabric is covered.


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