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October 09, 2009

An afternoon of arts and crafts ... or how my children are acing business school (Blogtoberfest day 9)

Hello girls and boys. Welcome back to Business School for Shrewd Preschoolers. Today we will be continuing with the topic of delegation.

As you know children, successful delegation is the handing over of both the responsibility and authority for completing a particular task. Let's see how much you remember.

Let's say Argy and Bargy's mummy has set up a table of art and craft. There are some large sheets of paper that need to be drawn on. What should Argy and Bargy do after 10 minutes of polite scribbling?

That's right. They should say: "Mum can yooooou draw a picture? Can you? Can you?". This is rule #1: Delegate the whole task to one person.

Now what should they do next?

Correct; it is best if they say: "We want a picture of a teddy. Oh, go on. Please Mum. Pleeeeeeaaaase. In orange. And blue." This is rule #2: Clearly specify your preferred results.

And finally?

Very good, yes. Rule #3 is Don't hover; independence is important.

Once their mummy is fully engaged in the task, Argy and Bargy should clear off.

She should be left to draw quietly until such time that she realises that a pleasant afternoon of arts-and-crafts has turned into someone-drew-with-orange-crayon-on-their-bedroom-wall and how-did-the-cat's-drinking-water-end-up-on-your-brother.

Next week: Managing upwards - how to make your parents do what you want.

Brought to you as part of Tinniegirl's Blogtoberfest - a post a day in October.


  1. You need to work out how to use their power for good. Or at least for your own evil!

  2. Argy and Bargy crack me up.... I love how their little crafty minds work!

  3. That is hillarious!
    (... but to be clear - it isn't funny when it is happening at my house)

  4. OK, I'm only going to laugh a little bit at someone else's misfortune...because I know about this karma stuff and so do my kids!

  5. Dear Argy and Bargy,

    Whilst outside the intended age-bracket both Princess Curly-Wurly and destructoBoy are interested in attending your current lecture series. Perhaps as mature students they can provide an alternative perspective but both feel they have much to learn from such masters of this field.



  6. I've just discovered your blog.
    What a great first post to read.
    I'm smiling from ear to ear. Giggling even!!
    Andi :-)

  7. Great post, clever kids, great teddy drawing.

  8. omg - my kids are at the same school! What are the odds?!?

  9. could have been worse. could have been the litter box on one of them ;)

  10. I am sure their management skills will be put to good use in future years. Great teddy by the way..

  11. I've just got back from holidays and had a bit of catching up to do with your blog. Can I just say..THANK YOU. I love reading all your posts. You have a wonderful way with words and a quick wit!

    PS. Sorry about the Anonymous but it wasn't letting me select Google Account.

  12. I always know when the kids are up to no good - too quiet!!

  13. Mummy, please put your hand out so that I can give you a lovely red elephant stamp. Nice bear :)

  14. I have been laughing out loud reading your post. And yes, I soooo recognize what you are telling here. Cute teddy though :-)


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