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September 21, 2009


Mr HB suggested a utilitarian neoprene sleeve for our netbook computer. I came up with daisies and a bow.

Its a subtle strategy; some might even say underhanded. But I can't see him making off with the computer quite so often now, can you?

Next up: a patchwork TV remote control cosy and embroidered car seat covers.

Beautiful Daisies print on cotton/hemp blend by Pippijoe.


  1. LOL. Sneaky indeed. But it's lovely!

  2. Very creative!! Even my Mr can see the funny side ;-)

  3. Startling in its underhanded brilliance!

  4. that is perfect :) I need to make one for my laptop now :)
    I love the black and white fabric

  5. Greats idea!!! I like it! its like if the toilet roll holder had a motor I am sure Chef would take more interst in changing it.

  6. I pimped the black neopren sleeve with a red "devil angel" and a red polka dotted wristband.

    Now it seems to be MY netbook and not his... ;-)

  7. You are wickedly clever. And a good sleeve maker.


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