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September 16, 2009

The great transposition fiasco of 2009

Now I know I vowed and declared not to write of scones again, but this story is about closure.

If you have stopped by previously, you might know that I decided to enter my scones in this year's cookery competition at the Royal Melbourne Agricultural Show. I've never done anything like this before. It was all meant to be for fun. But as the time went on, the amount of practice and refinement (and ridiculously large scone store in the freezer) suggested things were getting a little more serious.

Anyway this Sunday past was the Big Day. I rose at dawn to bake a large quantity of scones, before selecting and ferrying my best 4 to the Showgrounds. The craft pavilion was awash with ladies bearing Tupperware containers and people with pens and clipboards. It was all quite exciting. I checked in my best 4 on a paper plate and left my entry to be judged.

This morning the results were announced. Part of me was a tiny bit hopeful. Hopeful in the same sort of way that I might hope to win the lottery. Or that both my boys might sleep in until 7:30. You know - possible, but oh so unlikely.

Yup, no prize for me. Never mind. That's just the way scone crumbles ... right?

Then I noticed, the small matter of a four and a zero. You see, it appears that when I placed my entry, that I transposed these two numbers. Instead of entering myself into the Novice class 204, it seems I inadvertently competed in Class 240. And Class 240, dear reader, is for the scone heavyweights - previous prize winners.

When I looked at the list of prizes and commendations, it was dominated by people with just two surnames. Could it be that there are two families who monopolise Class 240 annually? Are there close relatives who compete fiercely against one another each year? Family bake-offs?

Oh hot buttered scones (or some less printable swearing), I thought. I never stood a chance in that class. I wonder what would have happened if my scones were in the novice division?

Who knows? Not me. I'll just have to have another crack at it again next year.


  1. But how exciting. Next year you get to compete in the novice section without the hassle of the brown robes, tonsure and all that chanting. Feel free to offload sections of scone mountain in this direction ;-)

  2. there is always next year :) easy mistake to make and it would have been cool if you had of placed in that class :D

  3. Oh well....another 12 months scone practise Liesl and you'll be a shoe in!

  4. Ughhh how frustrating! Competing against those scone matriarchs! I totally expected you to win after those fabulous scones on Saturday, you definitely get a blue ribbon from me.

  5. Next year for sure! Feel free to send any scones looking for a home this way

  6. What a shame! Those scones look so perfect.

    Good on you for having a go. I am so impressed. I'm about to enter some jam in our local country show. I must make sure to double check the entry numbers, as I'm likely to enter my plum jam in the gladioli class.

  7. Oh, ouch -- that's jumping in to swim with the sharks (nice to know sharks keep it in the family). I'm impressed at your dedication, and I can say honestly that last batch of practice scones got my award of approval -- which is hard to say with your mouth full.

  8. ooooh, bottomly potts covered in spots! (my in front of the children swearing.)

    That's a bummer for sure. Yes, next year!

  9. Sorry to hear that you missed out on the prizes and commendations. I know that it must be frustrating when you worked so hard. Were the winning surnames also the judges surnames?

    Please accept instead the inaugural "Best Scone Making and Scone Blogging Award", which is much more prestigious than any old show award...


  10. Oh no :(

    And they look SO perfect!

  11. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh Leisl, that is a cracker of a story. Yep, there is no doubt that we needed another scone post.

    Funny now, but I'm sure it wasn't at the time - hope you managed to hold it together!

    Better luck next year.


  12. Oh no Liesl. Your brain must have so much going on, hope you will do it next year though

  13. Ouch! That is SOOOOO like something I would do! For me, it might be the wrong day. I'd show up bearing my little box only to find an empty fairground.

    Good for you, working so hard - now you'll be all prepared to "wow" them next year!

    (word verification = catmint. Possibly a secret ingredient for Scone Batch 2010???)

  14. Oh no! That is such a little mistake but it makes such a difference. Do you think they would have noticed if Class 240 was baked cheescake or something similar??

    They look fabulous by the way!

  15. Oh noes and whoopsy daisy, and they were such brilliant looking scones.But I bet by next year you will be producing scone perfection and who knows, you may even get to give those two families a run for their money.

  16. I think you should just keep going hard in the heavy weights division. I have every faith, and just to prove it, I commit to being on the official taste testing team all year.

    What a shame you didn't win. Those scones look pretty fine to me.

  17. *%#@%*&^!!!! Novices next year, look out!

  18. Oh my!

    But they look delicious to me. Good luck next year :-)

  19. I can confirm that all test batches were delicious and that not only would you have nailed the novices section,but i have now joined the ranks of what you might call the "scone heavyweight" - around the middle, around the thighs, around the bum....it's the cream's fault, I swear....

  20. Your scones look amazing! I am sure the heavyweights were concerned that they had some more competition this year.

  21. oh no Liesl! it's great you entered though and you will be great next year and think of all those emergency meals you now have in the freezer!!!!!


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