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August 11, 2009

Calling all Melbournites ...

My wonderful sewing teacher, Sue Schulz, would really appreciate your help.

Sue - who has designed amazing creations such as the one on the cover above - is opening a beautiful new ready-to-wear boutique in Melbourne's outer east. Ahead of this, she is conducting market research into the needs of women who experience fitting and style challenges when buying clothing.

Can you spare a few minutes to complete her (anonymous) online research survey?

Find the survey here until 18 August 2009. Oh ... and make sure you see the end of the survey for details of a special thank you gift - a 10% discount voucher valid at Sue's new boutique until June 30th 2010!


  1. Do you still go to Sue's class? She's my teacher too! I'm going to ask her about you on Saturday ;)


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