Hoppo Bumpo (n): A children's game. Played by folding one's arms and hopping on one leg. Aim is to bump opponents, so that they lose their balance. Last person standing wins.

July 29, 2009

This week's "Eye spy" theme ...

Picture credit: Watch Collection by Eggmergency

I have been asked to nominate this Sunday's theme for Bug & Pop's fun "Eye Spy". Thanks, Cindy!

So bring out your stamps, tea towels, stolen airline teaspoons, unopened newspapers, toe nail clippings and other whatnots ... this week its:

Eye spy ... a collection

If you haven't played before, don't miss out on the fun. Its easy! Simply write your "Eye spy ... a collection" post this Sunday. Then leave your details in the "Mr Linky" on Cindy's blog so everyone knows to stop by and say hello.


  1. Does my collection of Ellie's odd socks count?

  2. hmmm, which collection shall I choose. I have so many... magazines, raggedy dolls, owls, beanie bears, mixing bowls, buttons, books, cooking utensils, tins, old sewing parapahenalia, small things that fit in a shadow box, christmas decorations.... oh dear I think I have a problem!

  3. I have a few collections, depending on how time goes I would love to share.


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