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July 08, 2009

The moon at dawn

The grass was a crystalline silver carpet.
The morning air nipped at cheeks and finger tips.
But it was impossible not to stop - and admire.
A golden moon in a watercolour-wash sky.


  1. Gorgeous, what were you doing up that early Liesl?

  2. Jeez I thought I was up early.... but dawn?

  3. looks amazing. cloudy, rainy and windy here so we missed it. last month it was huge and yellow low in the sky and the kids were amazed.

  4. So beautiful. I was up at 1 and 3am with a hungry/teething/ear aching baby and then slept until 8. My newphew is staying and at 8 he leant into the baby monitor in Cohens room and whispered "wake up, wake up". I did.
    So funny. :)

  5. gorgeous colours....
    oh I wish I could paint something that perfect...

  6. I saw it too. You don't want to know about my ridiculous story of why I was up so early, but it was AMAZING. I wish I had my camera, but I was driving along in the car as I turned a corner and saw this huge orange orbit rise above the horizon. It was a really special moment.

  7. We both had moon moments this week - you and I.

  8. Yes, I saw this one too! Amazing, wasn't it? The moon has been quite spectacular in the evening too. Lucky you had your camera!


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