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July 20, 2009

Just because its handmade don't assume its also tasteful

I have been playing with the Gocco printer I have on a (most generous) loan from Jodie. Most of my experiments have been sensible - solid pictures and sound black ink.

Yesterday there was, however, an aberration whilst printing some stationery. All I can say is that it involved sparkly silver ink, a font called Razzle Dazzle ... and rhinestones.

The effect is a little bit Elvis (in the later years) don't you think? Thank-you-very-much.


  1. Nothing says thankyou like razzle dazzle and rhinestones together.
    Can't wait to see your other "sensible" screens

  2. apparently good taste has left the building....

  3. I have an Elvis lipcurl going on as I type - uhuhuh ;-)

  4. It was all good until you used the word 'rhinestones'!

  5. I think I am seeing a sparkly theme developing here...


  6. Just looking at it makes me want to whip up a deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

  7. Oh yes get on with those Dolly Parton rhinestones!


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